MtawbostonunveiledThe cabal follows their fist major lead in an attempt to track down and capture the Shinje.  What better place to search for a spirit of death than a gloomy graveyard with a questionable past?  Combat, recklessness and a new stranger put the novice cabal in its place.

Live Session: MTAW: Boston Unveiled: Episode 1

MtawbostonunveiledThe fledgling cabal venture forth on their first task: discover why a very unique (and possibly magical) ship has arrived in Boston’s harbor.  The gang gets their feet wet and suspects something sinister.

Live Session: MtAw: Boston Unveiled: Prologue

MtawbostonunveiledWith characters nearly complete, we dive into generating our magic items, artifacts and our hidouts!  With everything set, we just into our characters backstories and the lay of the land in the hidden under-city of Boston’s magical societies.

Live Session: MtAw: Boston Unveiled: Character Creation

MtawbostonunveiledWe get started with a new system, Mage: The Awakening!  Chris, our GM leads us through some of the basic rules and creating characters, not to mention some amazing ‘Awakenings’.

Live Session: Beyond the Mountains of Madness: Finale

pic508527_mdThe ship is to arrive in Dunedin, New Zealand within the next few days.  But something has come along for the ride.  Will the investigators discover the thread and dispose of it before they arrive in the arms of the worlds news crews?  Or will disaster befall the Dunedin Harbor?

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