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Live Session: The Enemy Within, Epilogue

WarhammerFantasyRoleplay-TheEnemyWithin_LinoDriegheArtThrown into the Realm of Chaos, the party finds themselves faced with the Ruinous Powers.  They are lured by the four powers of Chaos, bribed and entranced, but will they find the Black Cowl and bring him back for justice? Or will they forever be lost to the chaotic wastes?


Live Session: The Enemy Within, Book 3, Finale

wfrp-tew-475the-black-cowlThe party finally confronts the Black Cowl in an attempt to stop an impending apocalypse.  With the might of The Empire all gathered to pray for the health of The Emperor, what better time for the evils of the world to strike out and deal a consolidated, crippling blow?


The Enemy Within Finale – Coming Soon!


All will be revealed in two weeks.
Everything will change.


Live Session: The Enemy Within, Book 3, part 4

wfrp-tew-475A fresh morning, licking their wounds, the party has but a few hours to settle their affairs before the ceremony for the wounded Emperor.  A handful of tasks supporting old colleagues may mean that little time is left to thoroughly investigate those who have drawn the PCs suspicions regarding the Black Cowl or the purported 'Gunpowder Plot'.


Live Session: The Enemy Within: Book 3, part 3

wfrp-tew-475With the Prayer Service for the Emperor drawing near, the first traces of gun powder have surfaced. To what nefarious purpose will it be used? Can the party trace it's origins before something devastating happens in the heart of The Empire?  Will the identity of the Black Cowl be revealed?


Live Session: The Enemy Within: Book 3, part 2

wfrp-tew-475Arriving in Altdorff has been no simple task, but now that they are here, things are back to business.  With Skaven artifacts to dispose of, a cleansed clapper to deliver, and the Theater Season in full swing on the Street of a Hundred Taverns, the party will be quite busy.


Live Session: The Enemy Within: Book 3, part 1

wfrp-tew-475The group finishes up their business is Middenheim just as the war in the North is winding down. The Emperor has been wounded and is being rushed back to Altdorff, the Capital of The Empire.  The party charters a coach and barge for the long trip to Altdorff.


The Enemy Within Book 3 coming soon…

The Reckless Dice crew will be back
early in the new year to begin
the final chapters of The Enemy Within.

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Live Session: The Enemy Within: Book 2, part 6

wfrp-tew-475With the trial of Wolfgang von Aschenbeck coming to a close and little time to prove his innocence, the party struggles to find any clues they can.  Suspicions abound for possible enemies of The Empire but can anybody prove it? How do you tell a Witch Hunter to back off of a witch hunt?  What happened to Emma?  Is Aschenbeck being framed? Is Adelle all she is cracked up to be? Or is everyone just pawns in a grand conspiracy orchestrated by the Black Cowl?


Live Session: The Enemy Within: Book 2, part 5

wfrp-tew-475The party looks towards completing the ritual to cleanse the bell clapper at the Temple of Ulric. Will their poor planning and cut corners come back to bite them (pun intended)?  The trial for Von Aschenbeck is underway and things aren't looking good for his longevity. Perhaps the party can find a way to convince Adele that he is innocent of heresy?

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