Reckless Dice #0: Introductions

“It’s a Soft Open.”

Welcome to the Reckless Dice Podcast where we talk about Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd edition. Paul, Jesse and Jeremy introduce themselves and talk about how they got into Warhammer and roleplaying.

14 thoughts on “Reckless Dice #0: Introductions

  • I have enjoyed the podcast gentlemen. Its good to see a WFRP podcast, as nearly all of the ones I have heard involve D&D in some fashion. So I like the departure. It doesn’t hurt that WFRP is my favorite setting/system.

    I though the direction could have been tighter, there was a fair amount of meandering, but that is fine. I still listened and enjoyed it. Audio quality was good too. Everyone was clear and understandable.

    What is the schedule going to be like for releases?

    • Hey Wayne, we’re just getting started. This was an unfocused episode to test out the technology and get comfortable. We promise the “real” episodes will be more organized (and of a better quality) and more about WFRP and less about us. But thanks a lot for listening and your feedback!

      We’re looking at doing Episode 1 – Guides and Vaults next week and then one episode every other week.

      • That sounds fantastic. You know, I think a little more about the hosts would be good. Who is the power gamer, the narrativist, simulationist, etc? Prefers to GM or play, stuff like that. So that the listeners can know where you are coming from. Although that will be apparent through the episodes as well.

  • Nice opening episode and it’s great it is about Warhammer RPG 3rd Edition!

    Although it wasn’t very focused it still was interesting enough to hear it through. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks much for the kind words and feedback. We promise that Episode 1 will be more focused. We’ll keep going until they make us stop!

  • Hey guys- just listened to the first cast on my way to work- was really great.

    looking forward to more (well after I get through the next two)

  • I’m a big supporter of this idea. Keep up the podcasts! We need to build a tighter knit community!

  • Just starting listening this week. A good soft opening. Having listened to this Episode 0 and Episode 1, you obviously tightened up the show. Only thing I’d offer for this show is let the dissenting opinion speak. Certainly WFRP/Fantasy Flight present a good game. We’re fans after all. But don’t jump on one of your hosts for applying some constructive criticism. Differing points of view make for a more interesting show. Thanks for hard effort to make this show. I’m off to listen to Feature 1.

  • Great show. Just listened to Episode 0 and I have a lot to catch up. You were supposed to put some links to “Enemy Within” mp3s and others I believe. 🙁

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