Reckless Dice #1: Guides and Vaults

We officially launch the podcast with some recent-ish WFRPv3 news, everything you want to know about the Guides and Vaults, and since it’s our first episode we steal questions from the official forums.

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5 thoughts on “Reckless Dice #1: Guides and Vaults

  • Thank you very much for this episode, was gret to listen to. It would be great to have exact informations and not guesses about the content of the products. Have everything in my posession, but not the vaults and am starting to think about a purchase of the players vault to include a 5ht player and have the core Action/talent cards two times, so the heroes could have every action they lik. What do you think about that? Should the material limit the player, so every hero has a unique action or is it better to give erverybody the choice?

  • Thanks for the tip on Liber Fanatica. Downloaded it last night and I think it’s a great resource. You’ve tightened up from Episode 1 but I do agree with zxobot on trying to be more precise. Alternately say you don’t know, but no guessing please.

    Also, I need to expand on my comments of Episode 0. Thanks for allowing an ever so slight dissenting opinion be heard in this Episode as in your discussion about the Player’s Guide.

    The more I think about it, the more I’d like to hear some counter points in your Podcast. I found your celebration of the Warhammer universe excessive. It’s good, but comparing WFRP to D&D is like comparing an Apple computer to the Windows OS. The Apple is the whole thing OS, hardware, design while Windows is just an OS you can put on any PC. WFRP is the whole package: rules, background, motif. While D&D is just the rules. Settings come from expansions. One of the hosts crested this topic in mentioning Dark Suns, but it was lost to the Warhammer fandom after he mentioned it. The Palladium RPG provides a better comparison to WFRP as a holistic world. WFRP and D&D are not the only RPG’s out there.

    Which brings me to my next comment. Please try to take broader view of the RPG hobby. Many, if not all, of the outstanding game mechanics which set WFRP apart from D&D (e.g. Rally Step, Professions vice Arctypes, specialty die rolls, experience based of action vice kills) didn’t originate from Fantasy Flight Games. FFG made good design decisions by including them, but FFG didn’t event them. I offer you keep that in mind as you discuss mechanics in future Episodes.

    Finally, in response to zwobot’s question on this comment section and to address your recommends on purchase from your Episode 1, why not buy the the Adventure’s Tool Kit and a pack of dice as a starting player? You’d have action cards, some of the cooler character cards (including the Small but Vicious Dog), character sheets, and stand ups. If you need the rules, buy the Player’s Guide. As a GM, buy the Core Pack. It as everything needed to start playing (sans examples in the rule books).

    I think your show is full of potential and I’m looking forward to Feature 1.

  • Hey ToPeace, thanks for listening and we appreciate the feedback. If you listen on to more recent episodes you may note that we try to inject a little history into our discussions but truth be told most of us came from the mini’s side of the spectrum and not the RPG side. We’ll try to keep it balanced and give props to influences but at it’s core we’re a WFRP3e podcast. We’re not going to do a general RPG podcast any better than the ones that are already out there. So hopefully we’re entertaining and interesting enough to warrant your time even though we’ve picked our niche and will stick to it.

    We’re not driven by fame or money. We do it because we’re fans so it will come off as biased, but hopefully we at least acknowledge faults even though we focus on the positives.

    • Admin,
      I reread my post and understand it seems a nit picky. For that I apologize. Frankly, I consider the quality of your initial Episodes above that of several established general RPG podcasts. Your effort is apparent and I encourage you to keep it up. I’m just late to the game, as it were, and as a fan want to constructively contribute to the show. With your heavy miniature background, adding a host with RPG experience should bring a crucial eye when discussing WFRP. And thanks for the response. A good sign of quality in your response to fans.

      • Great feedback ToPeace, we greatly appriciate both good, and constructive advice. I think you will be happy to see the show take a more focused approach and a more Lore and RPG focus specificly aimed at WFRP3 as you catch up. I have been more and more pleased with each episode we have done. We maintain both a regular crew and a rotating group of guys who come from various Warhammer backgrounds.
        Thanks for the support! =)

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