Feature – Character Creation

Jesse walks a few new players through the character creation process from start to finish. The characters will soon begin the Eye for and Eye introductory adventure included in the Core set and the Game Master’s Guide.

7 thoughts on “Feature – Character Creation

  • I think you have trappings wrong – or do I?
    I thought trappings were suggested items, that you might think about buying with the money your character starts with…
    You presented it as – character starts with trappings, as well as money…

  • Gamma,
    From what i understand the trappings on the back of your career card are the ‘suggested’ trappings for the career which you do not necessarily start with. The trappings and money that come from the character creation process through points invested in wealth do come with you at character creation. That is the equipment we referenced in Feature 1. If we were unclear with that process i’d like to apologize. I hope this makes it a little more clear, and i hope you can ignore my typos =)

  • How exactly are you guys playing? It sounds like you are doing it over skype or some other online tool. I’d love to be involved due to the fact that I’m always stuck as the GM here (not that I really mind), and I really would like to give this game a try as a PC. Let me know if this is at all a possibility and if so what tools I’d need to participate!
    Regardless Keep up the fantastic work, it is helping the community grow!
    Lester Crow

  • Although, I do love the podcasts I’ve listened to so far! Dusting off my never-played WHFRP3E.

    • Glad to hear it! The audio quality improves drastically in future episodes =). This sessions microphone discipline was not so great.

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