An Eye For An Eye: Part 1

The Reckless Dice crew send a group of adventurers through the first chapter of An Eye for an Eye. The surviving members of A Day Late, A Shiling Short lead the party and find they work a whole lot better when behind a wall of steel.

4 thoughts on “An Eye For An Eye: Part 1

  • Quick disclamer, this session also suffers from the botched soak + toughness damage mitigation issue as the previous session (they were recorded back to back). Future play sessions have the issue remedied. Please enjoy!
    Session 2 on the way shortly.

  • Goodjob leading the group in this episode, was fun listening. My Audio was not stereo, i had gizman on my left side and the rest of the players on the right side, was a bit disturbing. Let us see how they manage the situation in the next episodes.

    • Sorry for the left / right audio thing. I have redone the audio and we are in the process of updating the file so they all play on the same channel.

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