Reckless Dice #3: Actions and Tzeentch

Jeremy returns for episode 3 of the Reckless Dice Podcast. We dig into Action Cards in our System Spotlight segment and for our Main Topic we talk a little bit less about RPG mechanics and a little bit more about the lore of Warhammer. Specifically the first of the Ruinous Powers, Tzeentch! Also news (including a spoiler-free review of Witch’s Song) and your questions.

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7 thoughts on “Reckless Dice #3: Actions and Tzeentch

  • I agree that you should have a little chat about possible ways to organize the game, help to make it more manageable. The podcast is chugging along nicely. Hopefully Liber Fanatica 8 will live up to the quality of LF7

  • We will indeed! Organization is critical with this game. There are some great threads on sorting your components on the FFG forum if you cant wait =)

  • A really nice show again.

    At the end, you answer a question about dices and/or roleplaying social encounter. I enjoyed your answer on the player’s ability to roleplay, and I wish to contribute a little bit more on another aspect of that question :

    ALL 6 CHARACTERISTICS MATTERS : The GM should consider the PCs stat during social encounter as he does during physical encounter (combat, agility challenge, etc).
    (sorry for my english).
    In a word, if GM doesn’t care about social characteristics rolls and values :
    – Shy roleplayers won’t be allowed to have fun playing a charismatic characters.
    – Confident roleplayers will be able to minmax their social stat and invest their XP and creation points in physical stats only.

    If a shy player uncomfortable tries some poor RP while interpreting his character with a Fellowship 5, it has to be more effective than the same RP with a Fel 2 character . The GM might improvise about the character’s natural charisma, confidence…

    If a very confident player tries some very diplomatic RP while interpreting his character with a Fellowship 2, people might ask “Do you think your Fel 2 ratcatcher dwarf might even think about telling such a nice sentence ? Where and when could he have learn that ?”.
    After that point is made, this player will then focus on acting delightfully his character’s dumbness or innocence.

    I tried it and recommend it to you over my 20 years experience of GMing.

    PS : oh, and Jesse, about that Toughness soak incident, you should know I made the exact same mistake during my first game. high lethality there !

  • Lol thanks that makes me feel better =). Sadly though it was not my first game. But hey, at least i can continue to give you guys some ammo for poking fun of me. The way i see it, you guys have one more full play session to deal with me botching rules before it gets more on track. We just recorded session 2 of The Eye For an Eye adventure. Session 1 was recorded a few weeks ago and goes live on Tuesday. The session 2 will go live in 2 weeks.

  • It would be really great if you could do a “GM-Only” review of each new product. Could just be an extra 10 to 15 minutes in addition to the regular podcasts. Something spoilerific, vs spoiler free.

    • I really like this idea, Paul and I will have to spend some time talking about hwo we can incorporate a ‘spoilerific’ section into the podcast. I know we both have a lot we want to say lol.
      Perhaps we will discuss some modules in more detail taht have been out for a while which are less likely to be spoilers for the listeners. Or perhaps we can talk about the ones we have run public recorded sessions on as a final ‘review’ of that module.
      Food for thought i guess. More info to come as we dig a little deeper.

  • Thanks for this educational episode. I have little background in the Warhammer world and your segment on Tzeentch fixed several misconceptions I held regarding Chaos. The forces act against each other vice in collusion. Tzeentch is more secretive than I first thought. It will help me in my games.

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