A Day Late, A Shilling Short

Welcome to our first actual play Session. Jesse takes a group of intrepid PCs through the demo adventure A Day Late, A Shilling Short.

The group is using online play through Maptool and conversing through Skype so there’s a few house rules in effect regarding movement and range. Please note that a copy of the rules and the adventure is still required to play online.


11 thoughts on “A Day Late, A Shilling Short

  • Hi!

    My group are also playing Warhammer 3rd edition and we love it. It is really fun to listen to you guys playing the game and it is interesting to hear how you understand the rules compared to us.

    I did notice that during the combat with the beastmen at the coach you all forgott something. When you deal damage to opponents you reduce the damage with the armor and youre thougness. You forgott that one and only reduced the damage with the armours soak value, or you did not mention that you reduced it with thougness to. But you say that he bounty hunter did 10 damage to the Gor and thats a lot of damage. I play a similar character with a great weapon and never do that much damage !

    Otherwise I thing this is a really good thing you got here, so keep it coming. Sorry for my bad spelling and I hope you understand what I want to say!


    • Lol you are totally right . Funny how one can forget done basics now and again. . I think I got all caught up in running a quick and smooth game.

      To be rectified in the next session for sure.


  • Great session !
    Beside the damage soak mistake, I think the Birgitta NPC is too present for a 3 PCs party. It makes the two apprentices too quiet. After all that NPC hired and lead the party as she pays them.
    Great RP for the Bounty Hunter interprétation, Voice and stuffs. Wearing a dirty beastman chainmail, really ?

    Another cool thing ommited is party sheet, especially when there is a lot of reckless casting.

    Nice horn sfx ! I would Have enjoyed the dying ungor sfx too

    1000 thanx for sharing that guys, it really illustrate what rpg is to newcomers.

  • Great feedback guys, especially that pingback lol.
    Given our use of Skype and MapTools we generally play a slightly modified version of WFRP3. Some components or rules of the system do not lend well to playing remotely and we are forced to decide if we are going to force ourselves to use components that are difficult to use or if we will make a modiefied version of them. In other cases we just drop a component completely in favor of keeping a fast paced, smooth game for our listeners.
    As an example, i tend to not use party sheets, conditions, and location cards in my MapTools games. On top of that I tend to use quite a few house rules to accomodate the different visual system that we play on (screen vs tabletop).

  • Really enjoyed riding along for your adventure. Your use of the chaos die gave me ideas beyond the basic “use as a bane”. Thanks.

    In running my first game of WFRP I also missed the soak, but liked the dangerous play. Once I reintroduced the toughness, per the rules, it felt much less deadly, more stagnant (commonly hitting for the same damage) and much slower. Which causes me to think, how might I add the spice of danger back to the game? Which led to this line of thinking:

    1. stop cutting the damage by toughness -> much more dangerous, still stagnant, extra success lines and critical hits are not as important, devalues toughness as characteristic. No.
    2. roll toughness dice pool for soak using fortune dice, but maintain flat armor (Shadowrun does this) -> adds variety and possibility of danger, slows game by adding an extra die roll, devalues the toughness characteristic versus strength. Better, but no.
    3. roll strength and toughness in damage roll with fortune/(black) dice -> adds variety and danger potential, balances str/tough, slows game. Still a little better. Maybe.

    Option 3 could be worth play testing, but I’d still like to get a better tie in to the relative success of the initial attack roll. Any ideas?

  • I couldn’t help but laugh when the poor bountyhunter was cut in half. I guess we will never know his “dark secret”.

  • Do you have your house rules for maptool written somewhere? I’m gonna to GM an Eye for an Eye adventure soon. It would help if I had them.

    Yes, I’ve listen to this podcast some time ago. It was superb but I don’t remember rules. Boooo. 🙁

    • Yes on GitzmansGallery.com included in each RAR file is a word or text document where we outline all the hosuerules and tips for using MapTools and the modules we’ve created.

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