An Eye For An Eye: Finale

Session 3 of the Eye for and Eye continues with the party bringing the fight to the cultists, discovering their plot and attempting to foil it. The proverbial shit hits the fan quickly as one of our party members gets in over his head, sigmarite blood spills and a lot of beastmen try to crash the party.

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  • Thanks everyone for playing! It has been a load of fun seeing this adventure derail from its intended direction here and there and watch how it can still provide for an exciting story. I look forward to wrapping this adventure up in the next session and starting up a new adventure in the coming weeks.

  • Another fabulous podcast. I really enjoy listening to your sessions – perhaps more so than your regular episodes – because it puts all the game’s components and innovative mechanics into context. Plus, you’ve got a great group of players and a skilled GM, which always makes for an interesting story. I can’t think of a better way to act as ambassadors for WFRP 3rd edition. Please keep it up!

  • Listening to the combat encounter, I was thinking about a thread from the FFG forum called “Variable Damage and Ulric’s Fury” One other thing about WFRP that struck me from your podcast is the intense tracking of wounds, similar to many games involving large numbers of “hit points”. I thought why not user a smaller, simpler number to track damage. In this case, Toughness vice Wounds. You can see the full idea here:

  • One thing I noticed during your sesssion, as the PC’s delved into combat, is the minutia of tracking wounds. This is common among “hit point” based games. So, having followed a thread on the FFG forum titled “Variable damage and Ulric’s Fury” I thought of a way to lessen the difficulty in tracking wounds. It involves switching the roles of Toughness and Wounds. I posted the full idea on the forum for those interested:

    • Sadly Part 4 never happened. The group we were playing with (while using MapTools) lost contact and the adventure went cold. Lester was in the adventure and is keen to wrap it up some day but I dont really know what to do about the other players. We are open to ideas though =)

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