Reckless Dice #4: Careers and Nurgle

Paul and Jesse are back with Episode 4 and with Lester and his Strolling Bones we discuss careers in our System Spotlight. Our Main Topic continues our tour of the Ruinous Powers by exploring Father Nurgle (ew). Also we check out some news including the new Eratta/FAQ and answer your questions.

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7 thoughts on “Reckless Dice #4: Careers and Nurgle

  • Needed to move my mouse away from the mic, sorry about that guys. Also Nurgle’s Rot leads to souls being siphoned off into Nurgle’s Realm and being reborn as Plauge Bearers not Nurglings.
    Thanks again Paul and Jesse I had a blast

  • I had a good time listening to you guys, as always (Can i say always after 4 Episodes?)!
    Especially the chat about the warhammer lore is great stuff, i would love to have more of that in every episode. What about a lore comparison between WHFRP 3rd and WHFB or WHFRP 1st and 2nd?
    The Nurgle Topics hit your enthusiasm and that was fun listening to. As i mentioned in the FFG Forums, is it possible for you guys to get an interview with one of the makers of WHFRP 3rd, perhaps on the gen con? That would be great for people like me that cannot attend this con (My wife would bury me if i spend so much money for a flight to a convention:) ).

    • Yes you can say you always listen lol, we are up to 9 content pieces!
      Anyway, i’m curious what you mean when you say lore, comparing WFRP3, 2 and WFFB, i can sorta understand the tabletop stuff, but they do all center around the same lore, just at different time periods. Perhaps you can elaborate and we can try to make that a topic of discussion on the podcast.
      We will certainly continue to expand on the lore sections in each episode, those have been very well received. We have plans to hit up several religions, both good and bad, as well as taping into the various creatures and societies of the Old World.
      Regarding interviews, we have a small handful of potential interviews lined up for contributors to the WFRP3 content. We are working on getting a FFG representative to interview at some point in the future. More details to follow.

  • It’s very interesting hear you guys talking about the lore of warhammer. The story of Isha captured by Nurgle is totaly new to me. But I think you mean Shallya, because Isha is a godness of the elves.

    Go on with the great work!

    • Thanks for the great feedback!
      After doing a bit of research, i thought i’d clarify a bit about the Isha, Shallya, Nurgle relationship. Isha is in fact NOT a captive of Nurgle in Warhammer Fantasy (but IS in 40k, as Isha is an Eldar power), I made the rookie mistake of mixing 40k and Fantasy lore here. Sorry about that.
      Shallya on the other hand is the opposing force to Nurgle, the flip side of the coin if you will.
      For some more clarification on these three powers and their relationships, see:

  • The first game I saw careers was in the Traveller RPG. Based on a four year timeframe, they included education, military tours, merchant marine, etc. They were used during character creation to build background, skills, and starting wealth. Once the game started character development shifted to in game experience. I enjoyed the history it made for the characters. When I encountered using of careers in WFRP 1e I didn’t care for there use. Reason being, once characters start there adventures, it becomes effectively a full time job. Whatever your career was before doesn’t matter as much when you adventure. Like the stories of the meek farm boy who develops into a swordswinging hero, the boy doesn’t develop his plowing skill during the story.

    WFRP basic careers are give a good start for background, but present more of a challenge when developing a story around the characters. How many heroes keep up their inn once the adventure starts or catch rats once hooked up with a party of adventurers?

    That being said, the campaign I’m running for my son is following a series of careers. Toward the end of his career as a thief, having finished an introductory game to introduce the rules and then the Eye for an Eye adventure from the Tomb of Adventure, he is left with the job of hunting down escaped cultists from the Grunewald lodge. He plans on shifting to the Investigator career. Following that, he wants to change to assassin, suggesting something dark happens to him in the future to cause his career change to a paid killer.

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