Reckless Dice #7: Organization and Questions

Dan returns from spring break and we (Lester, Jesse, and Paul) all get in a party mood. In between the bad jokes we talk a bit about organizing your WFRPv3 components and spend a double-wide segment clearing out the questions queue. Oh, and more discussion and speculation about Omens of War.

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4 thoughts on “Reckless Dice #7: Organization and Questions

  • Here some explanation of “fair use” :
    The discussion was heated and a good one, would have loved you to go into detail, looking for content where FFG did put there thumb down like the playing aid by headless hollow for WHFRP 3rd.
    Sound quality was not that good as in the other episodes and i didnot like the jokes, for not involved and international listeners it was wasted time.

  • Thanks for another fun – perhaps even a little whacky – episode about a game we all love. As a neurotic game organizer, WFRP 3e has given my a lot to do, and I’m glad you guys spotlighted that element of collecting this particular RPG. However, one downside to a podcast is that your listeners can’t see what organizational tools you’re talking about.

    Could you post links to the some of the protector sheets you’re using to store the mini cards and career sheet sized cards? Also, what kind of binders are you using? And what about all of the character stand-ups and other cardboard punchouts?

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