Reckless Dice #8: Damage and Skaven

The Reckless Dice Podcast keeps rolling on with more WFRP 3rd Edition discussion! Paul, Jesse and Dan get excited about the release of Omens of War.  We cover wounds, stress, fatigue and death, and explore the culture of the fictitious rat men, the Skaven.

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14 thoughts on “Reckless Dice #8: Damage and Skaven

  • Great Episode fella’s I’m bummed that I couldn’t record, but drunks in a small house playing Kinect fully sh!tfaced really make sound quality an issue. I loves me my Skaven so missing the episode was a drag!

    You guys are hilarious though. Jealous of your Omens of War too.

  • Hey guys, another good episode…thanks for what you all do.

    I especially liked the damage discussion and Paul, I wanted to briefly revisit that with you. I agree that the damage system is more dynamic than a straight “hit point” system but is it really as big a distinction as you described? Yes, the introduction of criticals gives it distinction but that’s assuming that criticals occur. Do criticals occur frequently enough to really say that the damage system is dependably a cause and effect system? Wounds alone are, after all, just like a hit point system with no apparent diminishing of effectiveness. You can still see the “I’m hit but fine, hit but fine, hit but fine, unconscious” routine, right?

    I could be talking out of my rear here, because we haven’t started our game yet and I’m truly not aware of how often criticals occur. If it’s frequently, then yeah, I think the system shows diminishing effectiveness through damage. But if not, it’s just a hit point system with some flare.

    • You’re not wrong at all Chris, I was trying to get across that criticals should be a more prominent goal for players. There’s a general complaint of “it’s too easy to hit”. Hitting is easy, but criticals should be more in the mind as a “successful” hit. Criticals + Fatigue + Stress should be enough of effect for PCs since normal wounds do not have an effect until you exceed your wound threshold.

      I also forgot to mention that a Sigmar’s Comet result on the Expertise die can also be used to cause critical damage.

      • I follow you now. Do you feel that the system supports the goal of actively striving for more criticals? What I mean is, well, take for example any average warrior. If he is experiencing the “hit but okay” routine, does the system offer avenues for him to actively seek out more frequent criticals?

        What I see is basically the opportunity to increase your die pools through experience (for potentially more Boons), take training (for a shot at sigmars comet), and choose low CR weapons. Beyond those choices, it’s hard to actively pursue crits as a goal.

        Or, are you speaking more generally? Not making it active pursuit so much as just doing the mental shift you allude to, where we begin to imagine criticals as the true success, and basic successes as just sort of holding your own in the downward spiral of combat exhaustion?

        • I agree the most with your last paragraph, it’s a mental shift especially against powerful adversaries. Knocking over Ungors, Goblins, or anything of the Henchman class should focus on normal damage.

          Also you forget that actions have effects that cause critical damage in addition to boons/CR and Sigmar’s Comet.

      • Unfortunately, unless players fall into combat careers, critical hits come few and far between. After nine sessions of a single player campaign, I had not seen a single critical hit. As a result, the damage system felt hit point oriented and rather stagnate with the same amount of damage generated for 80% of hits.

        I entered a discussion on the FFG forums regarding variable damage and Ulric’s Fury ( and kicked ideas around with others who seemed to share my take on the damage system.

        In my last game I used a house rule of damage potential > wound level = critical. Suddenly a critical hit appeared in the game and the damage felt less flat.

        I agree with your observation of criticals representing good hits, but they need to be available for characters other than “fighters”.

  • Here’s a few potential names for Dan, spanning the spectrum from just stupid goofy to borderline offensive…
    Poopoohead (I know, I know, but the thought of someone having to use this playground classic as their handle sort of makes me smile)
    Sigmar’s Pears
    Old World Tourist
    Manann’s Seaman

    • The more I think about it, the more I think Old World Tourist is far far too cool to be considered an “affliction”. You guys may want to steer clear of that one lest ye be throwing Dan “in that thar briar patch”. Any Br’er Rabbit fans here?

      • Hahaha…CoDan the Barbarian…

        If you like flirting with blasphemy I think God Dan Kerrick has a nice phonetic punch to it.

  • I love some of those lol.

    Here are a few i heard from earlier posts and a few of my own:

    Dan “Danimal” Kerrick
    Dan “Sassy Cheese” Kerrick
    CoDan the Barbarian
    Dan “Violently Tender” Kerrick

    Keep them coming, we’ll pick one on the air and he promised to use it!

    • And obviously I can’t even post comments properly…sheesh…now my post above will look like foreshadowing…

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