Reckless Dice #10: Insanity, Disease, Corruption and a Free For All

We’ve got a special guest on our first double-digit WFRP 3rd Edition podcast. Mark “DiceMonkey” Meridith of and RPG Circus fame joins our regular crew of Paul, Jesse, Lester, and Dan. We talk about the mechanics beyond damage in our system spotlight and have a free for all on recent WFRP thoughts and play sessions. Also news and […]

Reckless Dice #9: Omens of War

Our biggest episode yet filled with WFRP 3rd Edition goodness! Paul, Jesse and Lester are reporting in to talk all things Omens of War. Special guest Ian Robinson who actually wrote stuff in the product stops by for an interview. (Ian is also the first person on RDP with an authentic British accent.) We dig into […]