Reckless Dice #11: Healing and Creatures

We’re back to the basics, bringing a ton of WFRPv3 information in podcast form! Paul, Jesse, and Lester break down how to regain your wounds in our system spotlight. The main topic covers creatures and our love for the creature cards. We chat a little about rune magic, Jesse breaks down Kubla Con, and we answer your questions.

2 thoughts on “Reckless Dice #11: Healing and Creatures

  • I have just started delving into the goodness that is Warhammer 3rd and to augment my habit I went looking for online resources and found you guys. Excellent podcast with very informative articles! Thank you.

  • Hopefully I don’t get geekslapped for this, but I agree with the Q&A questioner who thought WFRP3 is like a tabletop WoW. The gameplay similarities of the recharge/cooldown plays very similar at the table. Having the various WFRP3 cards and trinkets arrayed in front of me also reminds me of the WoW bars at the bottom of my screen much more than any of the other dozens of RPGs. To those commentators who droned on about setting differences, I think you missed the point of the question. Enjoy your podcast BTW.

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