Reckless Dice #12: Time, Rally Steps, and How to be a Good Player

The full crew of Paul, Jesse, Lester, and Dan are here for our 12th episode of WFRP 3rd edition podcastery. Not much in the way of news, but we make up for it with the system spotlight on time and rally steps, then we cover our tips for being a good player. We wrap things up with your questions.

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2 thoughts on “Reckless Dice #12: Time, Rally Steps, and How to be a Good Player

  • Great Episode, was fun as always listening to you guys. Did listen to Ep 11 and 12 back to back. What will be the next Spot light? For me the system is logical and great, but i have really big problems manging the social conflicts with those mechanics. Normally i let my players play it out without iniative or rounds, but some action cards are less valuable if you take the sociel conflict out. What is your opinion to this?

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