Reckless Dice #14: Speculation 2.0 & Ogres

Jesse takes the reigns for episode 14 along with Lester, Dan and our special guest Michael Wilson.  We talk Sifting Through the Shadows 2.0 and Warhammer Ogres along with questions and answers from the mail bag!

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3 thoughts on “Reckless Dice #14: Speculation 2.0 & Ogres

  • Definitely does my head in that GenCon doesn’t really cater to RPGs – plenty of other gaming and stuff to do though (OMG the traders hall is huge!). If all goes well, I’m planning on being at GenCon next year (takes some planning and coordination when you call Australia home) If you guys are there, I’ll try to wrangle some time to buy you each a beverage of choice

    You may have already heard, but Black Fire Pass is Now On Sale… now I (and the dwarf player in my game) just have to wait for my copy to make its way across the Pacific Ocean >.<

  • Great show. I really enjoy it, but I please edit out all adventure spoilers.

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