Character Creation 2.0

Paul, Jesse and Lester go through the entire character creation process in detail.  They generate new random characters, explore creation methods, rules, and how to integrate backstory and character quirks during creation. This group is shaping up nicely for a Black Fire Pass adventure!

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3 thoughts on “Character Creation 2.0

  • Regarding selecting the Bulwark action card during character creation, I take the restriction to mean that you can select the card, but can’t use it unless you have a shield equipped. Taking the card represents understanding how to perform the manoeuvre.

    The special rules that apply to Block, Dodge and Parry refer only to the characteristic requirements of the card – Block and Parry also require shield and weapon to make use of.

  • Great podcast.

    BTW: Would it be possible to change the rss feed, so it also included the first posts in the series?

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