The Gathering Storm: Part 1

Paul GMs a group of adventurers through the begining of The Gatherin Storm Campaign.  Jesse, Lester and friends join forces and brave the dangers of Stromdorf.

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7 thoughts on “The Gathering Storm: Part 1

  • Been going through the podcasts, as I recently found you guys. Really enjoy the shows ans sessions.
    Where there any more of this adventure or did you not play any further?

  • I was really enjoying this one, did you ever revisit this adventure to finish it? I’m running this for my group tomorrow night and would have loved to hear how Paul set up the rest of the chapters. My group just finished up The Lesser Evil, and I’m wondering which lead they will follow next….

    • This adventure was not finished unfortunately. The group and time restrictions fell apart shortly after starting. All adventures following this one were finished or are actively in progress.

    • Funny you should mention it. Now that we are wrapping up TEW we are lookign over what other modules we have not recorded. Best i can tell we have:

        The Gathering Storm
        Eye for an Eye
        The Winds of Magic
        The Heroes Call adventure

      I believe we are going to look to Chris (Detlev) to run our next adventure. He has done such a great job in the past.

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