Reckless Dice #16: Liber Fanatica VIII & Greenskins

Jesse, Lester take on Liber Fanatica VIII, the fan created supplement to WFRP3 in all it’s glory.  We talk Greenskins and their ilk in a new, bigger, badder Creature Feature and discuss your Questions and Answers.






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10 thoughts on “Reckless Dice #16: Liber Fanatica VIII & Greenskins

  • Last two pictures do not link to bigger ones. They can be opened with right click > open image in a new tab however.

  • Comments along the way:

    – Black Orcs were created by Chaos Dwarfs as a slave-race and rebelled against their masters to gain their freedom. At least according to Chaos Dwarf armybooks of old. IIRC.
    – The idea about using Party Tension during combats was excellent!

    All in all the Greenskins part was quite… dull (sorry, but I’m a FaBa player so it wasn’t so interesting) BUT Q&A was excellent as was puffing of LF8. Thanks for that. And for pronouncing Finnish names.

    Great episode! Can’t wait to hear more.

    • Interesting insight on the Black Orcs. Makes sense to me. I wonder if that still holds up in the current version given that GW barely acknowledges Chaos Dwarves =)

      • Quick check on O&G Armybook tells that “the origin of black orcs is shrouded in mystery” and says that some people think they were slaves of chaos dwarfs.

        So it seems to be the most accurate fluff of their origin. But it still leaves an option to think otherwise.

        Interesting anyway.

  • Thanks for your interesting answers! Great episode again!
    Just a little note: Dragonogres are not creature of chaos in this sense. They are as old as dragons and lived before the chaos arrived.

    Of course there would be much more to tell about the greenskin (I play them for years in Fantasybattle), but you gave a very good introduction.

    Keep up the great work!

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