With a Little Help From My Friends

Jesse, Lester and their special guest from accross the pond, Neil Foster take a leap into Fantasy Grounds II while playing the classic adventure “With a Little Help From My Friends”.  Neil Foster has been developing the WFRP3 ruleset for Fantasy Grounds II for a while now and this is the latest working build which is very close to release.

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5 thoughts on “With a Little Help From My Friends

  • Id’like a video podcast of that session. To see fantasy grounds with warhammer toolset in action.

    • We did record the video of the whole thing. Unfortunately for the second time the video was too large for it’s own good and corrupt itself during rendering. I plan to record a much smaller segment or a demo next time and will post that for sure. It looked very pretty.

    • The latest version of Fantasy Grounds (2.8) now allows you to try a ruleset for free, just download the install from their website and the ruleset from mine. The only restrictions are that other players cannot connect, and your campaign is not saved.

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