Journey to Black Fire Pass

Reckless Dice tackles Episodes 2 & 3 of Journey to Black Fire Pass (Episode 1 was lost to the Warp). We begin in Grenschadt at the base of Black Fire Pass with the hopes of making it to Karak Azul in the far East Worlds Edge Mountains.

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  • I love your session-reports! Just a question: You use the chaos-stars in a cool and funny way, but when your players role comets, you just use them as success/boon/crit with no others stuff that happen? (maybe I’m wrong, I thought they will also trigger some effect outside)

  • Excellent podcasts all round guys, I am just gettting ready to run my first sessions of WFRP3e and listening to them has been both helpful and amusing.

    On the subject of the ‘lull’ in release schedules I would add this: that whilst it’s a little depressing after the *extremely* heavy schedule so far, it is actually for someone like me a bit of a relief… Whilst I *know* I can run the game with just the core set I also see that there are so many other things I could buy that I end up spending a small fortune on the game. As a quick run down using ‘a well known online seller’:

    Core set: 53.90
    Signs of Faith:40.79
    Winds of Magic: 40.79
    Omen of War:40.79
    Adventurers Toolkit: 18.41
    Creature Vault:31.29
    GM Toolkit: 20.39

    Which doesn’t you will notice include: The Player / GM / Creature guide or the other vaults or any of the published adventures…

    As I say above I know in my head that I don’t NEED all that, but then I feel like I am missing out… Plus of course I need to buy some card sleeves and some boxes and things to store all the HUGE amounts of componenets I now own!!

    Of course as soon as Blackfire Pass finally makes it easily to the UK comes out I’ll add that to the list and Lure of Power as well of course – that will total me WELL over £300.

    Perhaps it’s giving people a chance to catch up with the materials?

    Anyway – enough of my idle ramblings – great podcast, much enjoyed.

  • hey there,

    at around 12 minute mark, you say that the critical success roll on the yellow dice (it is actually called a righteous success) is merely converted to a hammer because no other hammer results were rolled. this is incorrect by the RAW.

    the rule is
    Righteous Success: This counts as a success, and has a small plus sign next to the hammer icon for identification. In addition to its function as a success, the player rolls an additional die of the same type that generated the righteous success. Any results from the additional die are added to the results pool.

  • ah, i take that back i guess you were referring to sigmar’s comet. soz for doubting your skillz gitz

    • Actually you were exactly correct given the wording i was using. We had rolled/converted a sigmars comet, and i incorrectly referred to it during the conversion as a Rightious Success. Keen eye/ear you have there =) Thanks for keeping me on my toes, i’ll be more careful in the future lol.

      Thanks for the kind words,

  • Great job guys, I really enjoyed this!

    “Journey” is a great, free, full-blown scenario with the really neat idea of having a 100% dwarven group. From reading it and listening to Gitzman’s Podcast play session though, there are two things that don’t work here, to my eyes:

    ***SPOILER ALERT****

    a) How can Barnock’s dwarf rangers possibly leave the mutilated dwarf bodies at the pass to rot? They get to the place, take the rune shield, but leave the orcs camping and bodies rotting unmolested for days or weeks? That’s a logic flaw in the adventure.

    b) Motivation: It’s quite a challenge for a demo game to make it clear to the group that the secret plans in the rune shield should NOT go to Barnock and the High King. You can see that in the podcast I mentioned: The players just don’t understand the tricky question of honour at stake here, and simply relinquish the documents to Barnock. In doing so, the inadvertently fail at their adventure – and what’s worse, they miss out on some really interesting roleplaying.

    So, if you play this, watch out for the background story, it’s quite intricate.

    Have fun, Imrazor

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