Reckless Dice #17: The Daily Empire & Online Play

Jesse and Lester are joined by our battle brother Lauri Maijala, a.k.a Doc Cthulhu from Finland to discuss The Daily Empire.  We delve into why you might want to consider playing online, or perhaps why it’s not right for you, and tackle some Q&A.

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7 thoughts on “Reckless Dice #17: The Daily Empire & Online Play

  • Thanks for all the positive feedback on my Fantasy Grounds works guys. I still owe you some more adventures for the dangerous duo Mario & Snorri – will get round to arranging something soon. I also plan to offer up some sessions for the community, allowing people to try Fantasy Grounds and gaming online.

  • I think you guys should do double episodes whenever you’re having a guest on your show. For now I have to wait for longer to hear a new non-gaming episode of RDP as I can’t stand to listen my own ramblings. ^_^

  • If you want a simple alternative to maptools, then you could use twiddla. It is a webbased multiuser drawing board with a grid.

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