Reckless Dice #18: Expanded Magic & The 8 Winds

Jesse, Lester and CoDan the Barbarian tackle the eight winds of magic.  We tackle the expanded magic rules from the Winds of Magic supplement and follow it up with a little Q&A.

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15 thoughts on “Reckless Dice #18: Expanded Magic & The 8 Winds

  • I am new to WHFR 3. It seems some of the realms like have real world conterparts. Like Brettonia seems to be french, and reikland is germanic. What are the other realms and there real world conterpart. I think one looks russian?

    p.s. Loving your podcast!

    • Thanks for the kind words!

      Yes there are a lot of real world counterparts in the Warhammer world. I’ll try to cover a few…
      Brettonia = French or King Arthur’s Court (chivalric knights)
      The Empire = Germaic or Prussia influences
      Kislev = Russia
      Araby = Northern Africa
      Khemri (Land of the Dead) = Messopotamia, cradle of life in past generations (Tomb Kings)

  • Thanks! Also I would love it if you guys covered the technology of the world. I know there are guns and printing presses. Are there any other major technology a fledgling WHFRP GM should know about? I saw in LF 8 where Sean Conners module has a hot air balloon. How common would that be? Thanks so much for the quick response.

    p.s. would love it if you guys did a fantasy grounds adventure, recording the audio, and video of the GM’s fantasy ground screen. Of course that adds an assload more work, video editing, etc..

  • Thanks for thinking about my question. Here a new one:
    You make a check when climbing a ladder ?

    My thoughts on this situation, what probably could be done: If there are some enemys around them, the player will notice them or they start to argue. For me the comet and stars don’t have to be resolved on the check. Like in the example on the begining of the players guide.

    To Khemri: Messopotamia is sure also mixed in, but first of all I think they are like egyptians (pyramids, mummies, Ushabtis…).

    and some more just for fun:
    tilea: italy (mercenarys, city-states)
    estalia: spain
    albion: celts
    norcsa: scandinavia (vikings)

    there are also nippon, ind and cathay (japan, india and china), but not so much information about them.

    And these are just the human realms

  • I find it interesting that people really like the bright wizards the most (one more use for that “Burning House” location card). With them it’s “what you see is what you get” but with most of the other orders its always a bit clouded and not so direct.

    Could this mean that the orders are a bit too clumsy way to present things to players? I realize that fireball throwing wizards have their own lure but does the example you guys used (about the amethyst wizard poking at a corpse) actually detail the way players tend to look at the wizards?

    I come from WFRP1 where these Colleges haven’t been introduced and I’ve always though that the way it dealt with different wizards was a much better one. Even though it was a bit more basic. The eight colleges are fluffy and Warhammerish (though I just hate the “College Buildings”…) but I for one haven’t had a wizard in my group for five years and I began to wonder was it because I don’t like them or could it be because the players can’t get a grip on them?

    If you look at the written scenarios most of the wizards are actually “evil” (or turn to evil) or dead. I can’t remember good-willing wizard NPCs from even WFRP2 that weren’t “quest givers”!


    • My thoughts exactly Lauri. I think the magic lore is very confusing to players, myself included. Bright wizards are the only ones who everyone looks at and says, yea i get that. All other wizards are very unique to warhammer and see little use. Frankly that is why i chose to be an Amethyst wizard, so i could get better aquainted with the other lores.

    • To be correct, the colleges are from Warhammer fantasy roleplay 1st edition, not from the core rulebook but from the supplement called Realm of Sorcery.

      • Fair ebough.

        But The Realms of Sorcery for WFRP1 was published pretty late (iirc over ten years after the corebook) and it had been already influenced by the later editions of Fantasy Battle.

  • Hey,

    Loved the adventure! Really getting a feel for the game. I love how you guys keep general banter to a min, and focus on the game as much as possible. Some other podcasts of game sessions have had too much fluff and in jokes. I could not really listen to them. You guys are really good at keeping the focus.

    Also, I have another rules question. Are ranged spells considered “Ranged Attacks” when using defense cards or any other card with the trigger name ranged attack, or is that for missile weapons only?

    For example I see a lot of defense card that say “declared the target of a Melee Attack or Ranged Attack”. Do spells count here? I did just notice one card say Ranged, Melee, spell, or blessing so maybe that answers it?


  • with regard to sigmar’s comets,
    don’t forget the condition cards. you could hand over a condition card that the player can implement immediately or hold onto to implement when they want during the session.

    also giving the player 2 fortune dice to use on their next roll is a simple way to reward them.

    • And your work is really excellent.

      One of my player is a halfling servant and our rule inspiration was your work.

      The price list is a really good thing, but I wonder if things are not too expensive. I might check that a bit more.

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