Reckless Dice #19: GMing anew and Bulky Question & Answer

Jesse and Lester tackle the experiences of a new GM to Warhammer while exploring best practices.  We take on a large chunk  of our Q&A mail bag and speculate on the new Hero’s Call supplement.

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15 thoughts on “Reckless Dice #19: GMing anew and Bulky Question & Answer

  • What happened to freedom of speech? Are you Americans actually abandoning the first amendment? BEEP this Fu**er


  • Lol, I think you were even responsible for one of them! And to be honest, no i dont think what you said was all bad, but i did want to make it known that we were beoing concious of how its presented, and blurping the baddies.

    Play sessions on the other hand, those might remain a little scandelous. Especially if we ever air “that” episode.

  • a few comments.

    hero’s call – the adventure is called the Art of Waaagh. Perhaps not a massive campaign like thousand thrones but waaagh’s are no small events so i cannot imagine this being a small adventure either.

    leila – helga did want to learn to read iirc . reading is not something most goat farmers could ever dream of being able to do in the warhammer setting. Education is a luxury that few but those in the gold tier and possibly silver tier could ever afford. So despite her instinct to avoid danger and not follow the glory and gold seeking dwarves into one danger after another the thought she might be able to afford to have someone teach her to read from treasure found or from payment for helping out the townsfolk in fauligmere could be one of her motivations for adventure.

    gm tools – i use my iphone quite a bit and ive tried out a lot of different apps to help with GMing. One of the most useful ive found is free mind mapping app called idea sketch. i use the app to create a visual flowchart/index for my play sessions. i have a central point where the party starts and tether plot hook entries to the starting area and then i tether all the NPCs, monsters and locations to the plot hooks where appropriate. now there is a space for notes but i usually just write a brief description if its an npc,monster or location and then a page number in the appropriate rulebook, module, or bestiary if i need more info.

    in the end you are left with visual index and flowchart for your play session that takes into account your session may not unfold in linear fashion. instead of flipping through books and scanning loads of text for what the innkeeper looks like you can just look at your flowchart notes if you need his statblock and detailed notes you can easily look them up because the page number is right there. if innkeeper is vital to the plot perhaps i make his entry a different color which tells me i need to do everything i can to get the PCs to him. Or perhaps i create a floating plot hook that serves the same purpose as the innkeeper called farmer who will approach the PCs no matter where they are in the town with the same plot hook they would have gotten from the innkeeper. Maybe the innkeeper is complex character who will have a variety of reaction based on how the PCs treat him. i can tether his various reactions to his entry and then tether these reactions to the farmer as well indicating the farmer will have the same responses is the PCs encounter him instead.

    ive found that just making the chart and showing the associations is enough to help me keep the adventure on track. i no longer need pages and pages of notes because adventure flow was a large part of what i would write down before. i dont have to flip through tons of books or back and forth to find one scrap of info as the page number is right there.

    yeesh – tldr version – mind mapping apps are nice for creating adventure flowcharts and indexes.

  • I have a question.

    Where did the episodes Eye for an Eye part 4 , The gathering storm part 2,3,… go?
    Are thy lost in time and space? Did the Chaos Gods take them?

    P.S. Excuse me for the spelling errors, English is not my Native Language.

    • Good question. Both those sessions were formed with an irregular group which fell apart after the first few sessions. The conculsion to Eye for an Eye will likely not happen as we are no longer in contact with the group members except Lester.

      The Gathering Storm was also started with a group that could not maintain enough consistency to play regularly and fell apart.

      • Gathering storm had just started, If you wanted to continue it some time in the future I’m sure the listeners will forgive you if you continue it with different characters from where you left off.

  • “Working with the adventure.” Does it mean the same as it means for me, a pile of rpg books in the bathroom.

  • Just heard the podcast

    Woot! you mentioned about my naked maiden going up the ladder! For Helga so the ladies don’t feel left out it could be something like

    “As Helga climbs up the ladder a group of chimney workers start whistling and complementing Helga’s rear-end/shape/agility/hair/smile/eyes…”

    which boost here morale (+ fortune dice) for first action in next encounter.

    Thanks again for a great podcast.

  • Hello Gitz, and thanks for the hours of fun listening the podcast. In one of the last podcasts you talked about movies that resemble WFRP, can you transcribe here what movies you talk? I remember Salomon Kane one of them, but the rest I couldnt figure out (my ears dont fully understand english). I´ll add 2 to the list: Season of the Witch and Red Riding Hood.

    Keep the good work, and sorry for your loss.

  • Added the Red Riding Hood to the list. Have been meaning to watch it but I’ve little issues with time for movies.

  • So I’m a new listener and am slowly working my way through the archive here, I’m also new to War Hammer so the focuses on various ‘fluff’ (as opposed to mechanics) is very, very useful to me, thanks for doing that.

    But… No compasses? The typical trappings for a navigator (in the Players’ Vault) mention compasses, do we need to petition FFG for an errata?:p

    So why would compasses not work in the old world, do they not have magnetic fields? You did mention something about gates at each pole but I have no idea what they are, do they interfere with ‘natural laws’?

    • Hahah yea i’ve not heard any reference to a compass yet, though it seems like it would be a basic tool for some people (navigator). Perhaps the Chaos energies at the poles and the pockets of chaos around the Old World mess with the magnetic fields? Honestly i’m not sure. I more imagine navigators using things like sextants, charts and protractors to navigate the land and sea.

      Thanks for the kind words!

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