The Witch’s Song: Part 1

After escaping the eerie settlement of Sweet Marrow, the adventurers find themselves stuck in a backwater village with danger lurking in every direction.

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20 thoughts on “The Witch’s Song: Part 1

  • Very cool session, again! I really thougth the troll will kill them. Does his vomit-attack has none pierce? I don’t have the action card here, but in the tabletopgame his opponents don’t have any armour against.

    Would be very nice to see the charactersheets of the group. For example I would like to see the talents choosen by your players.

    And not sure, if I got it right, but I think you let your players make to many rolls in the rally step instead to choose between recover fatigue or recover stress or first aid attempt.

    • The vomit attack negates 2 points of soak and is a ranged attack. In retrospect, i did mess it up slightly, and rolled as if it were a melee attack, which probably made it a lot more deadly than it should have been. But the encounter turned out great eitehr way. =)

      • I was wondering about your ruling to deny reactive defenses on the first round. Reminds me of D&D’s flat-footed rules – but I didn’t think WFRP had a rule like that.

        Combat is plenty brutal and a single round without defenses could end an encounter.

  • We just finished this adventure, so it’s great to hear how you guys are playing it and what went different.

  • cool stuff. the troll was appropriately deadly. The vomit action is a little confusing. looking at it i figured a success on the reckless side does 12 damage plus a critical but one success on the conservative side (not sure when i’d have a troll in conversative) reads Toughness + 2 damage ? How much extra damage is that exactly ?

    one thing that would be cool is too hear how the players are spending their advances.

    • Oh nice idea, i’ll have the gang cover their advances in the next session.

      The Vomit attack was an interesting one, even though i did it slightly wrong. I used the reckless side btw. I accidently made it a little more powerful than it should have been but hey thats ok =)

  • im curious about the Toughness +2 damage tag on the vomit card. There are a couple of other abilities like stream of bile and arcane bolt that have similiar tags ie 5+toughness damage and Int +6 damage in their conservative success lines and im uncertain how total damage would be figured. any ideas ?

  • What’s the confusion? I don’t have the card in front of me but I interperate It to be the trolls toughness +2. So if the vomiter has a toughness of 6 then said vomiter vomits on vomitee, vomitee gets dealt with 8 damage. same with the arcane blast, blaster intelligence of 5 +6 = 11 damage on the recieving end.

  • ok so the success line is taking the place of the standard Str + Damage rating formula ? i guess its fairly simple but from looking through all the cards there are only a handful of these special success lines that replace the standard str + damage rating formula and no text that i can find that indicates this is the case.

    • I think the idea is that the targets Toughness (which in this case is representing their bulk and size) negetivly effects them because they are getting more of the vomit on them. So the damage they take is based on their physique and size.

      I have seen similar techniques used in Warhammer Fantasy Battles where some models might berequired to make a save when their armour begins to burn and melt. Those models who wear more armour (and would normally be very hard to kill) were at a much higher risk of dying than those who more almost nothing.

  • Yeh I dospose its a part from the norm. excessive playthroughs of Neverwinter Nights on PC has causes me to recognize stat plus modifier statistics quite easily

  • Your players are really great, and I like to hear how you all enjoy the game.

    About “flat foot”, you might also consider these options :
    – roll initiative under 1d or more difficulty (that’s how I deal often with surprise)
    – make the troll attack easier : against target defense without 1d difficulty
    – let use their reaction defense, but with more recharge on them

    You should make a banner with a Pitch fork and Pigeons !

    PS : the insanity passage was a bit goofy, RAW speaking

    See U

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