The Witch’s Song: Part 2

A new figure enters town, complicating the search for the Witch. Following new clues the party find themselves back in the swamp, while things turn sour back in Fulgimeir.

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2 thoughts on “The Witch’s Song: Part 2

  • thanks for sharing the advances. i like how the warhammer system lets the players tailor their advancement to what their characters were actually doing or experienced. that kind of flexibility is a powerful roleplaying tool and i thought all the players had great in character reasons for the advancements they took. kudos guys and gals.

  • Looks like investigations were a bit messy for the players. I’ll try to introduce a bit more of the plot all along the adventure to avoid such a lot of information at one time of the game with no fight.

    Thanks A LOT for sharing.

    Hold On Olga, There’s not only dwarves in that old world

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