The Witch’s Song: Part 3

The Witch Hunter is causing problems and the whole town is under scrutiny. The adventurers try to keep things calm, but in doing so manage one of the quickest near death encounters we’ve ever seen!

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11 thoughts on “The Witch’s Song: Part 3

  • I was wondering have you been using the tension meter? I heard a few times when the party disagreed quite hardily. Second question, is I did not notice the party getting there fortune dice refreshed. Do you award fortune points on the party sheet? I may have missed it. Really enjoying this! Keep it up please! (I listen while playing Minecraft, been a perfect mix for me)

    • Good observation Don, i do tend to forget to use the party sheet and refreshing fortune. My group rarely uses fortune dice which probably helps me to forget lol =).

      I’ll bring this up for discussion in our next episode. We have a TON of questions brewing right now, might have to do another Q&A epidose, yay! =)

    • LOL that spawn was so much fun, i couldnt believe how absoultely absurd it was. I could picture it so perfectly, the dwarf (in conservative stance) timidly approaching the spawn, sword drawn… then… THRASH, BANG, SMASH, KO.
      One less arm and a garish scar to boot. I think it ended up attacking him 5 times in that single round!

  • Your forgot to give a temporary insanity! One of the PCs (may have been Helga) had their willpower distressed by 1 point during the badass chaos spawn encounter. When your willpower is distressed you pull out the insanities and check the traits. If the trait matches up (in this case the chaos trait would have) you give the PC the corresponding insanity. If the traits don’t match the character keeps their wits. Each time the pc takes more stress you add the stress tokens to the insanity making hard to get rid of.

    When a character fatigue and willpower is distressed at the same time thats when they automatically gain an insanity. A new insanity is drawn (even if you had a previous one from taking to much stress) and all future fatigue and stress tokens accumalate on that the the characters recovers stress below their willpower scores.

  • awesome session. very entertaining. the fight with the chaos spawn was great. i never paid much attention to the little ability it has before . you could also choose to use the beasties ACE to re-reroll that ability and keep those tentacles flailing though i might have had the extra attacks lash out at other nearby PCs or NPCs instead of murdering the already abused dwarf though

    looking forward to the next session and your next cast. lots to talk about with the hero’s call announcement today !

  • Could it be possible to have these in smaller formats? Like an hour piece? I tend to listen these while I’m on the move and searching for the correct place I stopped listen is becoming a pain in the a…

  • Since Don brought up the party sheet, I would suggest that another aspect of it is the most powerful tool a GM can have in terms of motivating players to figure out mysteries and do heroic things. The Fortune Pool.
    Whenever one of my players “connects the dots” and figures some aspect of investigation – I always toss a chit into the fortune pool… They suddenly become much more alert to the plot points and NPC motivations. It is the carrot to balance the tension meter and is a reward for playing nice with the GM.

  • A minor note on the Chaos Spawn. When you roll a success on the fortune die after performing a melee attack, you are actually only allowed to perform a basic melee attack. At least that’s the wording in the Creature Guide. Excellent episode though 😀

    • Yea thats how i read it too. Each of the additional attacks were basic melee attacks. I just got crazy lucky (if you can call it that) with rolling the hammers on the fortune dice each time after the attack, which led to a series of followup attacks.

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