Reckless Dice #20: Gaming Supplements

Jesse & Lester discuss the tools they use to increase their gaming performance.  Software, beads, tools, maps, you name it.  We follow this up with a healthy dose of Q&A.

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  • You cannot train a skill more than once per rank (or was it career?). So when creating character you can not train advanced skills. You can only “have” them. So specializations are not possible for advanced skills on starting career as they cannot be trained (box checked). There is actually an example about this in corebook (I think).

    • Ah ok that makes good sense. So does ‘learning’ a new skill mean teh same thing as ‘training’ a new skill regarding only being able to train once per rank? Can a player both learn and train a skill in the same rank?

      • No they can’t. At least not according to my judgement. It might be in the FAQ? Learning (that is writing down the advanced skill) and training (checking the box) are kinda like the same thing.

  • I’m a little over half way through ‘A Gathering Storm’ with my local group and have had several rain/thunderstorm tracks that play constantly while in session. It has made a huge difference in supporting the overall oppressive mood that the constant rain causes to the party. I have been using the storm progress trackers and the resilience checks to great effect as well. In any given encounter, there is at least one or two pcs with the Under the Weather condition. These are all great reminders of what the weather is like and sets the overall tone of the adventure quite nicely.

    • I’ve been meaning to get more into explaining the weather in my games. I think i have done a better part of it in our recent Enemy Within sessions (especially since the weather plays a role in the plot). This is something i have overlooked many times in the past.

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