The Witch’s Song: Part 4

An epic ending to say the least.  Shenanigans, swimming like dolphins, a Slayer trying to redeem himself, and the walking corpse that is, Thorin.  One of our favorite episodes to date.

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5 thoughts on “The Witch’s Song: Part 4

  • How does a one armed, one eyed, critically wounded, unarmed Dwarf with one wound left make an overland journey un guided through the ever hostile cursed marshes with no proper idea of overland travel? I think it’s time for a short homemade one on one gm player session! There are many requests for advice on these on the forums, perhaps you should advise by example Herr Gitzman!

    • Perhaps we should do a followup mini adventure for Thorin. Either finish him off in the swamp or let him find his way home. By all recolections, i think he deserves to die a horrible death in the swamp, but thats just me. Maybe he can die after fighting his way through the swamp, with Fuligmere in sight on the horizon, with a rescue party about to get him. Then GULP, a Swamp Troll gobbles him up! Muahahhaha.

  • i had an issue with (sp?) Saskia. I figured in the last battle, she would be pleading with the PCs to not hurt the witch. I feel she was just a lifeless lump sinking into the sand. I would figure her as one to try her hardest to prove the witch was not the bad guy.

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