Reckless Dice #21: Bad Players

Jesse and Lester tackle the best of the worst, Bad Players.  What do you do when your players are doing all they can to make your life and game a living hell?  We discuss tactics for handling bad players, share a few experiences, and tackle a few solid Q&A.

17 thoughts on “Reckless Dice #21: Bad Players

  • “Thank God that I have such wonderful players” is all I can say ^^

    I hope there will be soon some news about Lure of Power or Heros Call, beause some guys are talking again about the end of warhammer by FFG…. they make me afraid!

    • I’ve certainly had a few bad ones in my games and its rough. Thankfuly i’ve never been in the situation where ‘all’ of my players were trying to derail things. Peer pressure usually takes over and the oddballs fall in line until the adventure is over and then go play their Halo.

      • I have a couple of odd ball players attempting to defrail, ( guess they get a kick out of that ), they don’t run anything themselves and I often wonder if they should…

        Like you, peer pressure from the other players normally brings them round.

        Great show btw, only just started listening

        • Thanks for listening!

          I have a real hard time with players who take advantage of Narrator’s just for the sake of it. They most likely don’t understand or appreciate the amount of effort that is required of a Narrator to create a fun interesting game.
          In my opinion that is just sheer ignorance and people like that do not deserve a place at my table.
          If you are in a situation like I am with my home games where every player matters due to the utter lack of table top players than I think that a good talking to is in order. Most players don’t realize that they are being totally ignorant or offensive and will change if asked to. Any player who knows full well what they are doing and are doing it on purpose should be removed post haste from your games. Its not fair to the others involved to have a few bad apples ruining the fun for everyone else.


        • You brought up a good point FJ, give those players the opportunity to be a GM in a short session so they can appriciate the position. I’ve had good success with that, not so much with problem players, but instead with players want to understand the process. It has made them even better PCs. I imagine that it would work if a problem player was at least willing.

  • In response to your questions about Fantasy Grounds and the ruleset that I created:

    I believe Lester is creating his own library module for the ruleset. You asked about if the ruleset is changed whether Lester would have to update his work – the answer is no. A library module is an external module that allows you to load your own data straight into Fantasy Grounds. In the last version of the ruleset I did make a change that broke people libraries – but whenever this occurs I include a utility that helps upgrades a library to the latest version.

    In addition, I dont think entering all the cards is not essential to using the ruleset. As we found when playing, if the players have their own cards then they can just keep them to hand for reference.

    • Excellent! Im really glad to hear that Neil. And you are right, we played just fine without any cards built into the module. Keep up the good work.

  • Lester, man I feel your pain. is my therapy bed for griping about GMing. I’ve been GMing long enough (30 years..since I was 9), that hearing how much work you put into your pre-game work and players just show up and sponge off the GM. Nevermind how much work we put into campaigns. I’ve got a core group for my WFRP campaign, but I’ve had regular turnover from players who won’t bother to lift a finger to put in some effort. I just don’t have time for them. I just keep up a regular ad on Meet-up and the rpg boards. Players can always be replaced. There’s no point having idiots in your group.

  • Good show guys. I also have had some nightmare players from time to time. A podcast called Fear the Boot has also tackled this problem a couple of times. Episode 68- Intro to complex settings, Episode 69- Keeping players in line, eposode 79- Games gone wrong, and episode 80- New players to roleplaying, are especially good ones.

  • Hi guys just listened to Ep. 21 I think where you mentioned about a lot of people interested in participating in online game sessions. Of course the main issues is getting the right people together and the time commitment. Some are interested to RP. Other just want to learn the game.

    I have an idea that I think will kill two birds with one stone 🙂

    Instead of running a whole quest/mission/episode/campaign, breakdown a session into encounters/acts. Each encounter/act would be themed around a specific game mechanic. Like an X-men danger room. I love how you guys explain game rules but sometimes I need the rules explained to me in terms of gaming situations.

    For instance a topic on combat would start with getting ambushed. players who join are the ones interested in learning about combat and would ask questions they are not clear of. Thus the GM would answer questions that they might not usually mention with an experience group. A session could be 2 hours and edited to 1 hour for the podcast.

    I’ll double post this on the website too.

    • I like this, good idea. We’ll talk and see how we can actually implement it. I’m assuming we are talking MapTools or Fantasy Grounds, or are we just talking playing in general?

      • It would depend on what the main objective is. Of course using MapTools or Fantasy Grounds would aid the GM and I think it would be hard to actually run a session online without these tools.

        How I would plan it out is…

        “OK guys what rules mechanic do you want to run?” or ” this week we’ll be running a chase sequence. If your interested we have 2 slots available”…

        I say 2 slots because I think there should be another vet other then the GM during a game. The Vet PC would help show “noob” how to RP and also help the GM when the GM needs to verify any rules mechanics. You could add another invited player to make it 3 PC + 1 vet PC but then you’d be dragging the session on with too many questions and rounds.

        The Concept is basically a Senario based/hands-on Q&A.

        • If you have friends in your area who are interested in WFRP3 then just skip the online sessions. Record the live session and post 🙂

          thanks again for a great podcast. as a new GM with no Experience RP’ing I really appreciate all the work you guys are doing here

  • This podcast contained a spoiler for the adventure sweet marrow. Please edit out spoilers. Some of us haven’t played all the adventures yet.

    • Our apologies Nielsle, we try not to do spoilers, but at times they just happen during the flow of conversation. We’ll try to keep a tighter lid on them =)

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