iTunes Feed Back Online!

The ability to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes is back online. For a short while you may see two versions of the Reckless Dice Podcast on iTunes, if you do, you want the one with the current logo, and more episodes.

If you had previously subscribed to the show via the old feed:

We apologize for the inconvenience and cant wait to share our new content with you guys.

A quick plea for help: Because we have effectively had to resubmit our podcast to iTunes, we have lost all the wonderful comments and ratings you have posted. If you are enjoying the show please show your support by rating it on iTunes and submitting a comment. It is greatly appriciated.

– the Reckless Dice Crew

3 thoughts on “iTunes Feed Back Online!

  • Now I see my iPhone hates me by causing me to double post. Damn you apple! *throws cat while shaking fist aggressively*

    • I’m glad you have not had an issue. Most people will. The old feed only supports episodes up through #19. The new feed supports ALL episodes through #22 and beyond.

      We also have the iTunes page up and running now and instructions to iTunes to remove the old one. Though this process is taking a while, they are not as responsive or helpful as i would have imagined.

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