The Witch’s Song: Epilogue

We revisit the aftermath of the dramatic finale, determining once and for all the fate of Thorin the dwarf (who was left for dead in the marsh as the rest of the party fled from a Dark Elf invasion). Helga Kerkhoff returns, hell-bent on rescuing her friends, and Bherdin looks to finish off “The Beast”.

13 thoughts on “The Witch’s Song: Epilogue

  • Yes it was good fun for a one nighter. I’m glad to see Dave (Thorin’s) character finally had a chance to determine his fate, for better or worse.

    • you know the one eyed, one armed dwarf that owns the weapons shop in seemingly every fantasy computer rpg ? now i know what they did before they ended up running the weapons shop 🙂

  • My god! What’s up with the giggling dude, he’s on prosac or pot or something? If it wasn’t for him I would have really enjoyed this podcast.
    All in all I missed the ‘epicness’ of a good finale, despite that all elements were there.

    • This wasnt really the finale, that was last episode (4). This was an epilogue to wrap things up and decide the fate of Thorin the Dwarf who was left for dead on a sandbar. We also had an opportunity to bring Helga back into the storyline so future episodes can include the whole crew =)

      Not sure about the giggling, i’ll have to go back and see, we were all having a pretty good time.

  • I noticed that Thorin’s huge and constant bad luck is a source of constant amusement. I found myself laughing as well quite a bit. The only one I didn’t hear laughing is his player himself. He took it like a real dwarf!

    • Hah, true, true. He seems a little conflicted how to handle the situation. He is somewhat new to roleplaying and has a mangled character. We keep reminding him that his character possibly has the most ‘character’ of the group and a huge roster of roleplaying options available to him because of the injuries. He seems to be enjoying them a little more, and also learned a valuable lesson that you are NOT invulnerable and the GM is not afraid to mess you up.

      • I had a character once who lost his swordhand. He had to take huge disadvantages learning how to fight lefthanded. He ended up with an iron prosthesis in shape of a ball, which he learned how to use quite effectively in combat. No nore shields, though.
        Looking back, this is the one character I got the most fondest memories of. =)

        While listening to the chaos spawn incident I wanted to shout to Thorin to stay back and let the unharmed slayer handle it, but no – half-dead he stepped into the fray. This one definitely learned his lessons the hard way. =p Thanks again for the great campaign!

      • This was somewhat obvious from the first 4 episodes, however it sounded like he became more comfortable with his character and roleplaying in general. I particularly liked this epilogue where I feel he embraced his mangled character a lot more. Especially when he tried distracting the dark elves with one eye, no shield arm and no weapons. That was hysterical 🙂

        Great series of live sessions, really enjoyed them.

        • Thanks so much Lars,

          Dave (Thorin) is still quite new to roleplaying and it has been a lot of fun seeing him grow as a player. The Epilogue episode was pretty much exclusivly designed to let him decide the fate of his character. He either had to own it, and make it work, or sit down and die in the sand. If he wanted to live he was going to have to do something about it.

          We’ll have to look into getting him some wicked prosthetic axe-arm or something cool. Perhaps an Engineer school is in his future? =)

  • Someday you’ve got to give us a picture of the ominous clock that dramatically chimes all the time. 🙂

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