Underworld Rising: Part 1

Gitzman (Konrad Weissman the grave-robber, posing as a war veteran) joins up with a group of adventurers who seem to be tracking the same target in Ubersreik. But a sinister plot is brewing under the surface that nobody will see coming. This sandbox style game is GMed by Michael Wilson, friend of the show and active WFRP3 community member.

5 thoughts on “Underworld Rising: Part 1

    • I mean, its still Warhammer and still an RPG so not much really changes. Hopefully you got a little bit of a sense of how the dice system works and the higher level approach to detail. WFRP3 is not so much down and dirty in the details and specifics. What have been your hesitations in trying out WFRP3?

      • True it is still Warhammer 🙂 yeah I did get a sense of how the dice work. Going to listen to more of the game sessions.

        My hesitations are mainly around all the cards and handfuls of dice required to play. Just couldn’t see how it would work smoothly compared to the previous editions that I currently GM/play.

        But the gaming session reports have proved very useful in dispelling some of the WFRP3 myths.

        • You could play without the cards. They released the books and rules in a more “classic” format (Player’s Guide, GM guide and Creature’s guide) with everything in them. Just need to buy a bag of dice and you are ready to play.

          My own player’s hesitation is around the format and the fact it looks like a board game. But I played a game session with couples of (open minded) friends and after hearing from it the other players wanted to try it.

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