Reckless Dice #24: 2011 Recap and What’s to Come in 2012

Jesse, Lester, Leila and Jordan discuss what was great, and not so great about WFRP3 in 2011. We tackle what we think will hit our gaming tables in 2012, and opine on the rumors of a fourth edition on the horizon.

10 thoughts on “Reckless Dice #24: 2011 Recap and What’s to Come in 2012

  • Two things.

    No mention of the need for “Weapon Mastery” on Epic Parry? I expect to see a lot of new actions with the need for “Mastery” of a skill (which is presumably 3 training in the skill, or is it already mentioned in a set I don’t own).

  • Do you guys have any clue how many “print on demand” supplements are going to come out? I am a serious WHFRP 3rd collector and I want to know what my budget will look like.

    • Its a little hard to say at this point but i think it is reasonable to say that they will be providing “booster packs” similar to the Sigmar one outlined in the announcenment for all the Orders and Faiths. Now that thought initially scares me a bit. However i think it will still be a long and drawn out process. We will likely see a new “booster” every few months in between product releases. And further, i’d imagine they will concentrate on the most popular Orders and Faiths.

      In time i’d expect them to also explore alternatives like equipment cards, magic items, location cards, special characters/enemies, etc.

      I’m much more excited by the possibilities of what we will see in the future than by this specific release. However the completionist in me (like you) has already ordered it and will file it away in my binder likely never to get used lol.

  • A booster every few months would fit my budget, personally. I might wait to see what kind of release patterns they have before buying any.

    As for expanding the game, here’s something I made for RPG’s in general. These are all the categories of content that are produced for RPG’s and how I think they apply to WHFRP 3rd. The only PoD candidates I really see are for Careers and Items.

    1. Core Rules: These are all set. It’s a bit of a pain to go back and forth from the errata sometimes but it’s all there, now.

    2. Rules Expansions: This is not a big part of the game. The mechanics don’t change or develop, too much. Rules for things like alcohol make their way in via themed expansions. Perhaps one mechanic I might like to see is traps and lock-picking in dungeons. Dungeons are systems that might require a new mechanics, but WHFRP isn’t meant to be dungeon-crawly to begin with. One could also argue that rules already exist for this and that skills checks are satisfactory.

    3. Bestiaries: I think they’re very well covered by Creature Vault or Guide and through themed expansion (every expansion so far almost, from adventures to things like PC-focused Hero’s Call). Totally satisfied with this aspect of the game.

    4. Magics (plus Faith in this case): Winds of Magic and Signs of Faith took care of it for the most part, with cards here and there in the themed expansions. Room for more spells, per Order. Candidate for PoD releases.

    5. Characters (Careers): Dwarfs are covered. Imperials are covered. Super-advanced careers will be covered in Hero’s Call. Lots of room for PoD’s. We might want one for Elves. Potentially could expand to Ogres, Halflings, Bretonnians, other humans like Kislev(ites?) etc. There is a lot of room for expansion here, especially with the space that now exists from basic careers to heroic careers.

    6. Armories: I think equipment could be taken care of with a massive stack of cards, but I don’t really want that to begin with. PoD’s could bring this to the game. Daggers and ammo don’t need cards (although it has always bothered me how similar a dagger is to a hand weapon, and how hand weapons are not really differentiated, but it’s no huge deal). A plethora of high level items isn’t necessary either, in my opinion. Make your own Daemon weapons. Design your own attuned staff. Make them crazy and mysterious. Give them names. It shouldn’t be hard.

    7. Adventures (Works in tandem with Locations category): They’ve been great so far. These could provide content for every other category here. There is room for limitless expansion here. I don’t care if we get an extended campaign or not.

    8. Locations: Could expand into Bretonnia, Lustria, etc. These could provide content for every other category here. We have enough location cards and I think they’re produced at a fine pace along with the rest of the content, as is. I don’t think there need to be any released via PoD.

  • Great work again guys.

    IMO A thought on the release schedule: Where FFG screwed up was not releasing a single book for the guides instead of 3 and 3 vaults.

    • Jay, do you think they did this 3 book format to try to be similar to other traditional RPGs? It still seems like they attempted to cash in on a potentially missed audience by promoting themselves as a traditional pen and paper RPG by releasing these 3 books.

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