The Horror at Hugeldal: Part 1

The survivors of The Witch’s Song are recruited by an Amethyst wizard to investigate the goings on in Hugeldal, an old mining town in western Reikland.  This adventure is GMed by Chris Wagner (who you may know as Grom the Slayer from The Witch’s Song sessions) and is available in the Signs of Faith supplement.

8 thoughts on “The Horror at Hugeldal: Part 1

  • great session. im looking forward to the next one. i like the amethyst wizard. very creepy and quite powerful and it was cool to hear something other than a bright wizard. The DMing was top notch. i liked the fortune point for some narrative control. i think that is much more interesting than another white dice or re-rolls. one thing ive been trying to improve in my own games- whatever the system – is the level of player interaction in the story telling to make it more cooperative. that is one thing i like about dresden files. part of rolling characters is also a cooperative system for building the setting with the GM and players. that is something i would love to see in almost all rpg systems. i

  • I think this is one of your best LIVE sessions. It had humor, it had story but most importantly a lot of questions were asked by the PCs and a lot of game mechanics were explained by the GM.

    this podcast is diamond!

  • Finally getting a chance to start listening to the game sessions. Looks like I picked a great one to start on!

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