The Horror at Hugeldal: Part 2

The party find themselves in a town wrought with problems, separated from civilization and starting to get sick.  Things seem fishy, but what is causing the problems surrounding the region around Hugeldal is still a mystery to be uncovered.

4 thoughts on “The Horror at Hugeldal: Part 2

  • I’m only part way through this but I have to say… can you not station the guy who is eating next to the microphone?
    The clock on the quarter hour is fine, I don’t expect you to rearrange your furniture to accommodate recordings but sitting a guy in a different seat when they are eating is easy to do.

    I’m enjoying the game but that is making me not want to listen.

  • weird. i heard the clock but i didnt hear anyone eating. sounded fine to me.

    i definitely thought there was going to be a throwdown in the inn.

    the roll to see if the PC recognized the man in the inn was interesting. i dont think (back seat dming is easy) i would have required rolls to see if the PCs saw a resemblance after they spotted him because they already “meta” knew he had some significance. the tough roll in my game would have been actually spotting the innkeepers tell. if you have rolls after that the PCs can fail and make their amazing earlier roll invalid it can kill the forward flow of the session and lead to some awkward moments where the PCs are trying to find some way to “coincidentally” interact with the NPC they know is significant but their characters do not.

    overall i think the DM is doing great though. i like how he sets the scene using the broad strokes and then sort of “zooms” in when you guys choose to interact with a certain aspect of the enviroment. very cool.

    looking forward to more.

  • Great listen! Investigation and story episodes run much more smoothly than combat, Because the scene is moving along nicely you can get a good mental picture which remains unbroken. As soon as combat starts and players start talkng about recharge tokens that takes it the immersiveness out of it. Combat is more fun in person then listening to it when not involved. I like the diversety now that you have had several different gms on air and you can see different styles, it is very inspiring for a gm to have many sources he can take inspiration from. Player wise having a new player who is relatively knew to roleplaying really shakes the core mechanics. I think players (especially players who are gms as well) fall into a trap. They know a quest when they see one, they know who to talk to, whats allowed and whats not and how to behave. Having someone like helga carrying on in front of the dwarf thane or bursting into doctors office breaks the mould the players have dug themselves and keeps the gm on his toes (without spoiling the game of course. No escuse for the player who shits on the gms work. Helga doesnt do this). Once again good work. I enjoy the disease mechanic, something so minor can become lethal in a matter of days! Really makes you dread those resilience rolls yet love them because of it.

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