The Brash Young Fools

7 thoughts on “The Brash Young Fools

  • Hell, they look great. I also thought of making quik draws of my group, but you put my feeble trys to shame. 🙂

    Best part is Helga with her pitchfork of doom and Thorin the mangled.

  • Please note Thorin’s Mangled Eye as well as his bloody stump 😉

    I have a soft spot for Rob the goat too, he has that look of “you want me to do what now?”

  • Very cool! You are quite an artist! For my opinion the dwarfs are a little bit skinny for warhammer-dwarfs, but I think it is more part of your drawing style!

  • Is the staff the wizard is holding his official Amber Guild corpse pokin’ stick?

    Hmmm, is the title of the pic an indication of the party sheet you are using? I can’t remember it coming up (though it’s possible I’m just forgetful)

    • Why no, in fact it is the official Amethyst Order poking stick, you see they make a pointy end and a round end so you can poke holes and bump things respectively. Its really a sophisticated tool that i cant get into now, Order security and all. They also supply the wizards with a variety of long nailed fingers to poke and prod with too =)

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