Reckless Dice #26: Unboxing Hero’s Call

The crew gets a special visitor with access to an early copy of Hero’s Call.  We crack it open, talk through the contents, spill all the beans, you get the idea.  We cover the news of the week, take on a big Q&A and so much more.

BONUS: The crew gives a well informed Troll and Geography lesson after the credits.  Thank you education.

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  • Mighty Great Episode,

    actually I didn’t wanted to buy any more english releases and wait years for the translations. But I can’t restrain myself to not buy this one. 🙂

    And Karaz-a-Karak is the dwarven capital. Karak Kadrin is the Slayer Keep.
    Actually that might be a hidden info for the comming Storm of Chaos.

    The Slayer Kings Ungrim Ironfist send his son with an Slayerarmy into the North. If FFG wants to bring the 4th and 5th Slayer Career, Demonslayer and then maybe something like Legendary Slayer, then a Karak Kadrin, or Storm of Chaos Box where they are in makes sense.

  • Thank you so much for this Sneak Peek! Can’t wait to hear about all the different changes for the provinces. You talked about Stirland and it sounded great!

    Just one thing: All of you has to read the Gotrek&Felix novels and the novel about Tanquol himself ;). He is just a servant of the 13, but one of the greatest characters in the world of warhammer. It will be very funny to throw them at my players, who also know him!

  • Great to hear something about the upcoming Heroes Call, especially from a fellow Swede! (the blooper reel was fantastic BTW) Sounds like a must have supplement. Thanks for that.

    As a GM I’m pretty new to WFRP but I wanted to comment on the Social actions discussion since I’ve been GM’ing for along time.

    My approach is that Action Cards in general should only be used in encounter mode and encounter mode should only be used when you have a situation when
    something is at stake. As in, There is a certain risk for failure and that failure will have severe complications. This goes for both social encounters as well as combat actually. If there is a low or negligible risk, then there is no need to use initiative, action cards and some of the other complex mechanics. Instead use story mode with a few simple dice rolls.
    Let’s take flirting as an example:
    Flirting with the barmaid/bartender is a storymode check that anyone can preform. It’s just a simple charm roll with an appropriate difficulty – the roll does have consequences but they do not impact the adventure much. Worst case, there is chaos stars and you make an ass of yourself. Best case you might spend the night in someone else’s bed. On with the adventure!
    When the action card should be used is when there is something seriously on the line. Flirting with the Vampire to by time for your friends or flirting with the Elector Count/Countess for favors in the quest at hand. In these cases i would rule that only characters with the appropriate action cards can attempt these actions.
    Advanced actions are heroic and it should feel heroic when you use them. Only a hero would be dumb/crazy/clever enough to flirt with a Slaanesh demon and have a chance at succeeding.

    If you are a GM with a party that have access to many social/support actions it’s your duty to construct situations where they can use them. Because the players are actually telling you what they would like to do.
    Say yes to your players social actions but also take a moment to think about what’s at stake. Does it warrant the more complex and satisfying rules of an encounter or can it be handled with a simple quick roll?

    /Lo “Catcaller” Wallmo

  • I found this House Rule to be a logical solution and will be trying it out in m next session.

    Social Combat
    Whenever you want to engage in an important social contest of some sort you must enter encounter mode and use action cards. If you don’t have any (social) action cards, you can use the “Perform a stunt” action card, but you will have to subtract one characteristic point for your dice pool (this does not influence the challenge level for the opposed check).

    Another option would be to add a challenge dice rather then subtract a characteristic dice.

    COMMENT: I feel this will better help PCs design their character. Highlighting the difference between a person who focuses his actions on combat vs. social action cards/talents.

  • Finally got a chance to listen to this episodes today, fun little ‘preview’.

    Thanks for answering my question, didn’t expect you to read out the whole email, I’ll be more succinct if I have further questions for you to ponder!

    I’ll point out that my comment on you being the ‘old guard’ wasn’t far off the mark; someone you’ve never met came forward to your podcast and wanted to share with you and your listeners his luck at finding a copy of Hero’s Call, if that doesn’t show how highly you are regarded I don’t know what does.

    • Thank you for the comments, it is very nice to hear.

      We read the whole question because we thought it told a good story and put good perspective on the issue. I prefer a question or comment with some meet on it =) Im not saying we want a novel but questions and comments which give us somethign to discuss and argue about are the best ones.

      We look forward to your future questions… like hey, we are recording tonight =)

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