Reckless Dice #27: Life & Death of a Long-lived PC

The gang discusses how to handle PCs that have seen a few things in their day – how to retire them, kill them and send them to glory. We also unbox a few more rules about the upcoming Hero’s Call supplement and discuss your questions and comments.

5 thoughts on “Reckless Dice #27: Life & Death of a Long-lived PC

  • Great Episode,

    but where have you found the article describing the new Epic-Roll Dice Pool gathering you talked about?

    The Idea sounds promissing. As per now my PCs roleplay a Question, or tension and then I put additional dice onto their social rolls depending on their performance or logical sense in their argument.

    Magic Weapons. I Like to give my players small goodies in the Adventure. There are a lot of item Cards already in the game. For Example Kordens Hammer is a mgic Weapon but the only thing he gives is technicaly a white die. Not something game breaking. The Acitus Sword for example gives +1 Damage. Nothing Game breaking.

    Most runes aren’t rule breaking either. I don’t wanna let them find that stuff every five minutes, but the item cards are too nice to miss.


  • The new “Epic Dice Roll’ mechanic was brought to us by Markus Anderson who has a copy of Hero’s Call. He has been sending us details about the new supplement as he discovers them.

  • Another great episode, thanks guys!
    By the way, there’s one example of an ogre living in the Empire in Liber Fanatica 8, p.45 (“Voracious Worker”), and he’s not a warrior at all…


  • While driving home and listening to this episode I liked the idea of roleplayed examples. Maybe you could establish 2-3 stereotypes that would cover most of the situations?

    Also, I know it’s a 3ed podcast, but I think it could be interesting to roleplay out one encounter both in 3ed and 2ed amd compare the results afterwards.

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