Buried, But Not Forgotten: Part 1

Michael Wilson, a.k.a. “Doc the Weasel” kicks off his new sandbox style adventure with the surviving characters from Underworld Rising.  The party travels off to Ostland to start a new life and all seems well, but some secrets never stay buried.

3 thoughts on “Buried, But Not Forgotten: Part 1

  • I have almost finished part 1. Great os far, I was laughing a lot while driving to work. All this talking from the women (cant remember her name, following charakter of Helga) that she asks the other PC where he is living because she wants to hang out with him. Then she adds that it is nothing serious, she is just alone and lonely quite some time. I was laughing 5 mins as I remember the Star Trek Next Generation episode where they were all on space drugs and the doc Crusher told Captn. Picard that she is a woman, quite some time alone and has desires. A number of good laughs all the time in the first episode.

    A good Story so far, especially how the PCs are put together with different goals, some even completely contrary. And good voice acting by the GM. The different NPC are quite different in speed, speech and tone.

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