Buried, But Not Forgotten: Part 2

The party hits the road in search of fame and glory. Everyone has an agenda, but not everyone is going to come out on top. They meet some greenskins, pick some herbs, and share their feelings. Who’d of thought a bunch of guys roleplaying had feelings deep down that were dying to get out?

3 thoughts on “Buried, But Not Forgotten: Part 2

  • Hoi,
    one quik request.
    Can you give us a short list of the adventures, their name and their career. That would help quite a lot to hear the episodes one after the next if there is some time in between.

    • Glorian,

      Konrad (me) is a Human from Averland. He is currently a Judicial Champion for the local Noble’s son. Konrad was previously a Grave Robber. He may or may not know what the heck he is doing.

      Ella (Leila) is a Human from the Border Princes. She is an Apothacary who has traveled back into the Empire after a strange dissapearance of her father and friend.

      Ragnar (Bryan) is a Dwarf Bounty Hunter.

      Lars (Dustin) is a Human Priest of Ulric, who may have transitioned into a new career but i cant remember.

      Manfred (Edward) is a Human Shadow Wizard who is raising through the ranks of his order.

  • Ragnar was a Ratcatcher and also has lost his sword (right) hand. This must be be called out as often as possible. 🙂

    Lars has transitioned into mercenary.

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