Lure of the Liche Lord: Part 1

The “Unwitting Servants of Justice”, while spending time in Hugeldal, find themselves transported into a foreign realm of Sand and Sorcery. With few options, and a mystery to unravel, Helga and the Dwarfs explore The Lure of the Liche Lord. Their doom may well be close at hand, but who can tell in their dream-like state what is really real?

4 thoughts on “Lure of the Liche Lord: Part 1

  • Just curious, will The Terror of Hugeldal-sessions continue at some point in the future? =)

  • In France, Warhamme 2nd Ed. was printed in color. Bibliothèqueinterdite used to publish every supplement’s maps in color jpg on their website. Since they lost the franchise’s right, we can’t access it anymore.

    I especially look for Lure of the Liche color maps. May somebody help me ?

    I have it yep in black&white from english ed. but color makes it really better.

  • I do believe that the rotating room was played wrong. The correct door should be the door to the west (where they entered) and not to the east, since the room had rotated. It was fun to listen to though 🙂

    • You are 100% correct. I noticed i had played the wrong door shortly after saying it out loud, so i just had to run with it. =) It didn’t seem to alter the course of the adventure too much as written, though i did like it better as written.

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