Buried, but not Forgotten: Part 5

The gang attempts a daring escape from the goblin infested forest.  While not entirely successful they meet some new frienemies, drink some blood and mourn the dead, all while tending to a rather unaccustomed traveler.

Reckless Dice #29: The Enemy Within 2.0

We have a new campaign to discuss! We talk about the rumors and what we can extrapolate from the press releases.  We talk pirates POD without any pirate talk, and have a darn good time doing it.

MapTools Social & Demo Scenario (live)

Gitzman and 8 community members run through the basics of using MapTools.  They go through how to create a map, use the application, run a game, GM, PC and even begin developing a custom map with which they play a demo scenario.  Can we just say, a Chaos Goat is involved and it was amazing.

Buried, but not Forgotten: Part 4

The Brash Young Fools, finding themselves in over their head (again) devise a clever plan to escape, and earn themselves a few new accolades on the way.  There are a lot of feelings that are needing to be talked about on the trip home, we can feel it.