Reckless Dice #29: The Enemy Within 2.0

We have a new campaign to discuss! We talk about the rumors and what we can extrapolate from the press releases.  We talk pirates POD without any pirate talk, and have a darn good time doing it.

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  • Just an FYI: Death’s Dark Shadow (by Carl Sargeant) was set in/near Kreutzhofen in Averland and was quite a lengthy set of mediocre scenarios (imho). It’s worth picking up to supplement an Enemy Within campaign.

  • Quite looking forward to this release and then coverting it over to 2e.

    Despite your excellent gaming podcasts showing that 3e is fun, and more importantly still Warhammer! our group have reservations about the cost of buying the required sets to play this native.

    Question: sorry if that has been asked before, but what is the minimum books/box sets you require to play 3e?

    • All you really need to start playing is the Core Set which runs about 60-80 dollas on the web.

      If you are wanting to commit a little more ahead of time however, I’d alternativly suggest picking up the Players Book, Gamemasters Book, and their associated vaults. (This costs a bit more, but delivers quite a bit more content that is more comprehensive)

  • Great Episode, thanks for pronouncing my Name right. Lester did understand my analogy right, the “Bananenprinzip” is a german metaphor, meaning:
    a sarcastic phrase, which demonstrates the hope, that a still verdant ( incomplete ) product ripes at the consumers desk.
    In my opinion are the adventures Edge of night and The Gathering Storm not ready to play products. Edge of Night is bulky without fun and motivation for the players, with a too old twist at the end. It is a good sourcebook for Übersreik, but nothing else. TGS are three nice episodes with horrible interludes and a much worse final. Both adventures cannot be played right out of the box, they need a lot of work.
    All the other adventures were nice to play, without too much work, Harrower of thanes is the only one i did not play yet, but the rest went smoothly and we had a lot of fun!

  • Great podcast as always gang!

    Something in the distribution/printing line must have gone horribly wrong with Heroes call. I can confirm that there apparently were copies in Sweden but they are all gone now, waiting to be restocked.
    Another guess is that a major miss-print have been discovered and the entire edition had to be recalled and re-printed. Whatever it is, FF is sure quiet about it.

    I don’t get much playing in these days but I have recently started with some edition 1 Enemy Within play, just getting as far as the introductory “Mistaken Identity”. A lot of tweaking is needed to make these adventures work in my opinion – especially if you want them to be true to the present day image of the Empire as it is depicted by Games Workshop today. Many of the organisations, people and events are described very differently than they are today.

    After reading the entire campaign I can also see myself re-writing large parts of the adventures structure and encounters. Some feel ripped from a D&D adventure or just feel very unexciting.
    The character hooks and motivations are largely none-existing and the few that are in there is tailor-made for the pre-generated characters that come with the campaign. I’m afraid to actually see if the re-writes will damage the adventures too much so that in the end we can hardly said to have played the esteemed campaign at all but rather some horrific mutant version.
    I would only recommend the original Enemy Within to a GM with a lot of patience/skill and that are not afraid to get their hands very dirty.


    • Since last week we Germans are also seeing HC in our shops. I think a little warning is in order: Don’t get too excited about the included map. The size of it isn’t even half a page, more like one third. And it’s far from being detailed. All in all the map is nothing but a disappointment, because it comes in a form of a crude handout of the region of Teufeltal. =(

  • am I missing something? Where are the Skaven? Seems a full-on Skaven box/sourcebook/adventure should be on the horizon?
    Just doesn’t seem WFRP 3rd has really fleshed them out yet (unless they are in an expansion I have yet to buy?)

    • The following is where the Skaven appear so far.

        They are a major focus of “The Edge of Night” and give you several tokens, stand-ups and some rules for warpstone.
        They of course appear in the “Creature Vault” and “Creature Hardback” Book with a brief history and theme section.
        They appear in the “Hero’s Call” supplement with some special characters and new creatures.
        They appear in the “Dreadfleet POD” supplement with a special character.

      That is all i know so far. They dont have their own supplement. But then again, no bad guy race has one yet (except chaos, which doubled up with some good guys stuff).

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