Buried, But Not Forgotten: Part 3

The Brash Young Fools follow the keen smell of adventure deep into the forest, knowing full well that spiders (or worse) lurk about.  They quickly stumble across a few huge roadblocks which reveal the adventurers’ true natures. Party Tension Meter +1.

2 thoughts on “Buried, But Not Forgotten: Part 3

  • This is the greatest Live Play Session so far!

    First the GM deserves an Oscar. The Scene with the goblin shaman “interogating” the victim was absolutely great. The GM playing the goblin shaman, then the Orc Chief Arnold “Get me my Chopper!”

    , then the victim, then the girl, then the shaman casting his spell, then the victim, then the action then the girl, orc chief. Whuah! That was action and a one man shakespear company. After that I fell truly pointless as a GM when I try to bring one NPC to live at one moment. 🙂

    And then the action gets going when they plan and execute the infiltration of the goblin camp. This was the Warhammer Version of “The Wild Geese”!

    I’m thrilled for the final part, and if the PCs have realized where the chopper is the Orc is talking about. I think I know where it is. 🙂

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