Buried, but not Forgotten: Part 4

The Brash Young Fools, finding themselves in over their head (again) devise a clever plan to escape, and earn themselves a few new accolades on the way.  There are a lot of feelings that are needing to be talked about on the trip home, we can feel it.

10 thoughts on “Buried, but not Forgotten: Part 4

  • All your AP podcasts seem to have nicely timed breaks in them, are your sessions really ‘only’ the length of the podcast or do you have longer sessions and then cut them to appear as the end of a session when you stop for a bio break?

    • Generally all the live play sessions are one uncut gaming session. Though we do edit out the breaks and the chatter before and after play. No gameplay is removed or adjusted.

      With Buried, but not Forgotten in particular (since Michael does epic 5 hour long gaming sessions) we decided to split each sitting into two episodes. So effectively he knows to wrap up the game somewhere in the middle of our session so we can have a concise episode for the listeners. Then we take a break and go right back into the session as if we were starting up a new episode.

      This has been an experiment in response to community feedback that super long (i.e. 3-5 hour AP sessions) are a little hard to handle.

      • Really?
        Huh, I prefer the longer episodes, there’s more meat to them and you don’t have continual recaps.

        • Im split on the issue, though im leaning towards liking the shorter episodes a bit more. But in the case of BBNF each pair of episodes is a single play session anyway, so all you have to do is suffer through a quick recap to make sure you are following what is going on.

          I have found by listening to other AP sessions that following the story can get quite hard at times and really do appricaite a good recap now and again.

          I figure most people listen to these either on the commute to work or while at work. So anything too long gets awkward when you are pausing and resuming regularly throughout the listening.

        • Hopefully Michael (the GM) will drop us a line and talk a bit about it too. He and I had several converastions tryind to decide what would be the best format. We are open to suggestions and greatly appriciate the feedback.

        • After getting feedback from the FFG boards, it looked like most people preferred the shorter format. I have talked to a few people who said that a 4-5 hour recording was too long to listen to. Conversely, I haven’t heard anyone say that they absolutely wouldn’t listen to twice as many shorter ones.

          I think the way we are doing it now is the most accessible to the majority of listeners, and doesn’t scare anyone off because of length.

          I’m also noticing that the short break we have in the middle of the session is good for the game, as well. It keeps me from having four hour long combats without some kind of game-change/rally step. I have also observed that the players benefit from the break.

          Overall, I think we end up gaining more than we lose with the new format.

  • I’m a fan of the shorter ones and the recap every Sessions as I don’t have the time to listen to them in one. Also I can’t listen and do anything beside driving as I then can’t really get into it.
    So, great episodes so far and I like the format.

  • I was (re)listening to this one, and feel that I have to give some props to my players. They take what could be a boring, hack-em-up fight and turn it into an opportunity to display who the characters are.

    • Manfred just assumes it’s going to be a slaughter, and bolts.

    • Ella is furious with Manfred for leaving, but also would rather follow the chest than stay in the fight.

    • It says a lot that Lars and Ragnar fit into this disorganized melee so naturally. It’s obvious that things go sour for them often.

    • Those two are contrasted by Konrad, who tries so hard to show that he is a worthy combatant, that he ends up screwing some things up.

    Great work, guys.

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