Buried, but not Forgotten: Part 5

The gang attempts a daring escape from the goblin infested forest.  While not entirely successful they meet some new frienemies, drink some blood and mourn the dead, all while tending to a rather unaccustomed traveler.

4 thoughts on “Buried, but not Forgotten: Part 5”

  1. Awesome! Will listen post-haste! I like the setup to this story, hoping there is a big plot reveal in this episode.

    Love the idea that the entire party happily saunters in to the forest without any wilderness survival skills what so ever.


  2. OK. So I’ve deduced that it’s not the length of the podcast itself that matters, it’s the wait between episodes.

    I want it noooooooooooooooow

    Who betrays who? It’s killing me that I don’t know!

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