MapTools Social & Demo Scenario (live)

Gitzman and 8 community members run through the basics of using MapTools.  They go through how to create a map, use the application, run a game, GM, PC and even begin developing a custom map with which they play a demo scenario.  Can we just say, a Chaos Goat is involved and it was amazing.

10 thoughts on “MapTools Social & Demo Scenario (live)

  • I’m only part way through but I should point out that adding in the action cards is probably a no-no so far as FFG is concerned.

    In other digital implementations of their games (e.g. Arkham Horror on the Vassal program) FFG has specifically requested that the Item cards have all their text blanked so that you need to have bought a copy of the game in order to know what they do and can play the game over the internet.

    Adding in the action cards would probably get you a C&D letter almost instantly!

    • I completely agree Match. That is one of the reasons i didnt include them. That and it would be crazy hard to implement.

      It is important to know that MapTool is not a replacement for owning the game and its components. It is just a supplement to help enhance your game experience online.

      I think i’m skirting the rules already by scanning in all the wound, disease, insanity, mutation, location and token cards. But hey, they havent said no yet. Im hoping this is because they realize you still cant do a darned thing without the game sets.

  • Really would have liked to have participated in this session. From what I have heard of the session, I have learned more than watching all of the tutorials. I would hope the Map Tools folks get wind of this and decide to do this on a regular basis ( maybe once a month?) for the new folks just learning about their system/service.

    Gitzman, I have seen your site, read some of your posts in the warhammr forums, listened to yur podcasts, downloaded your campaigns, obtained your HUGE map of the warhammer world, and I have to say your contribution to this game and those who participate in it is astounding. GW, FFG, and all the rest should hand you a medal, offer you a lucritive postion, or, at the very least, publicly and prominately give recognition of this contribution to THEIR product.

    Keep up the great work and I am eagerly awaiting your next podcast..


    • I am very pleased to hear you are enjoying the contributions i have worked on. They have been a load of fun to create and work on with the community. I look forward to continuing to support our hobby =)

      – Gitzman

    • Yes i find it to be the most useful for me as a GM. As for players a slightly different layout could be used because they dont need some of the windows docked and could get a little more real estate. But generally yet. =)

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