The Horror at Hugeldal: Part 4

With leads drying up and few places to turn, The “Unwitting Servants of Justice” desperatly search for what could be causing the blight.  A few new friends are made, a few new enemies are humiliated and a dwarf takes a swim.

Buried, but not Forgotten: Part 6

The party returns to town, unaware to the convoluted plans brewing among the other members.  Who has the box, who will turn it in, who will betray their own?

The Horror at Hugeldal: Part 3

With a sickness growing in the party, The “Unwitting Servants of Justice” try to locate the source and stop it before the disease spreads out of control.  Have the forces of good forsaken this small mining town?  What happens when a Dwarf jumps into a well?  Will Konrad’s fixation with dead things get weird?

Reckless Dice #29: Questions, Answers & Shenanigans

The crew tackle a dozen or so questions and comments from the community.  We talk about the new GW models, lack of FFG news and the potential promise of the possible existance of the rumored Chaos Dwarves, maybe. New Empire Models from Games Workshop Interview with Graeme Davis (Small But Viscious Podcast) Explaining The Old World […]