Reckless Dice #29: Questions, Answers & Shenanigans

The crew tackle a dozen or so questions and comments from the community.  We talk about the new GW models, lack of FFG news and the potential promise of the possible existance of the rumored Chaos Dwarves, maybe.

14 thoughts on “Reckless Dice #29: Questions, Answers & Shenanigans

  • Hey, great episode as always. There isn’t a more focused and dedicated RPG podcast out there.

    1. I like the setting because of its depth and breadth. As was mentioned on the podcast, it’s modular and you can play anything from giant battles with dragons and wizards calling down comets, to halflings fighting over food.

    2. Warhammer Fantasy Battles is pushing the envelope and testing the elasticity of the rules and the fluff. I like this because, as I mentioned, I like Warhammer because of the breadth. You can now play the biggest and most extravagant battles there could possibly be in the Warhammer world. It’s meant to be a grandiose* game and the latest miniatures and rules handle it well, in my opinion. (*I am not channeling Newt Gingrich here.)

    3. Will you guys help me with a positive review for the game, which I’m going to use on Dakkadakka?

    4. OttomanScribe’s base of operations idea is something I like to include. Bases of operation add an element for players to develop that usually doesn’t exist in a RPG. Btw, it’s cool to hear from OttomanScribe on a podcast. I once got into a friendly but lengthy argument with him on a wargaming forum.

  • Again a good episode! Really liked the way you explained your reason to love the warhammer setting. For me a importend point is, that people already know very much of it, also if they never had anything to do with the setting. Kislev? Think of medieval russia/polen and bearriders. Empire? The late holy roman empire in germany, with crazy engineers and witchhunters kinda like van helsing. As a historystudent I also love all the things they took of the history. It’s a little bit like searching fo easter eggs. Of course there are many things, that have to be explained (for example at the moment I have to explain to one of my players, who wants to write an adventure, what is it about the vampires in warhammer).

    Comming form the tabletop I really like the different cultures which exist in the warhammerworld. I have all the armybooks and I love to read the fluff.

  • I posted the Buried but not Forgotten Travel Sheet on the facebook page, for anyone who was interested.

  • I may have missed it, but have you dove into how to convert 1st edition to 3rd? I have the entire 1st edition collection and would like to try to run it under 3E.

    • You know i’m not sure we have specifically done 1st to 3rd. We have talked a lot about it conceptually over the past few months, but then again, most of that was focused on 2nd to 3rd. I believe Jordan has a good knowledge of 1st edition. We’ll have to ask him next episode to elaborate on a conversion methodology.

  • Yahooooooo!!! Thanks for the shoutout guys, really do appreciate it. Haven’t done much on wfrp in too long so I’ll put something fun together soon. Thanks again!

  • I noticed that both blog links point to Aido’s, so the link for Explaining the Old world isn’t right.

    Also, would it be possible to have some kind resources page so that you could put links up to the useful pdfs folks have made without having to go through the forums?

  • Sorry, I know I’m late to the party, but I just discovered your pod cast recently.

    I kinda have to agree with the “Edge of Night” assessment. I purchased that adventure supplement as a follow up to “Eye for an Eye” for my group, thinking that it would work out nicely since it is located in Ubersreik, and am a little disappointed with it. I’m finding myself spending too much time adding extra bits in to make it work with my group. If I’m “Paying” money for an adventure than I would like more than “Just get the PCs to location X”. Granted, they provide some hooks ideas, but they were too generic or easily circumvent by players to be useful. When you look at the time I’m spending tweaking, I could have easily downloaded a fan adventure and just used that.

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