The Horror at Hugeldal: Part 4

With leads drying up and few places to turn, The “Unwitting Servants of Justice” desperatly search for what could be causing the blight.  A few new friends are made, a few new enemies are humiliated and a dwarf takes a swim.

5 thoughts on “The Horror at Hugeldal: Part 4

  • Ask not for who the clock tolls, it tolls for thee Rolf.

    On a related note how does a Priest of Morr feel about travelling with an immortal?

      • Yep I am referring to the undying dwarf, though I guess being permanently near death but not dying and being immortal are two different things.

        Looks like I rolled a chaos star on my memory roll for your character though!

  • This whole adventure has been great!
    I think the best thing about this episode was the number of times that Jesse made Nate crack up!
    I love listening to y’all and am very fond of your characters. I love watching their stories unfold. 🙂

    • Thank you so much, this has been a very fun adventure and the character interaction is a constant amusement. I think Helga, Baerdin, Thorin and Konrad have a pretty unique dynamic going on, each with a long list of neurosis they have to deal with.

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